Achoot  Novel By Aslam Rahi MA Pdf

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Achoot Novel By Aslam Rahi

Achoot  Novel By Aslam Rahi MA Pdf free download

Writer:  Aslam Rahi

Aslam Rahi is an Urdu fiction novel story. The author of this story is famous historical fiction writer Aslam Rahi. It is a socio-romantic story in which the caste system in Indian Hinduism is the subject of the story.

In the story of this novel, the exploitative elements, cruelty, and injustice of the Indian society of that time have been well exposed.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The story of this Urdu novel revolves around some fictional characters. Among the people of the Hindu religion in India, there is a weak and poor caste of people known as the Untouchables and Dalits.

Among the Hindus, this is considered a very oppressed and backward caste, the upper caste Hindus look down on these poor people and treat them with hatred. Dalits are not allowed to live with the civilian population.

They live in huts far away from the city. These poor people live a very humiliating and destitute life. In Indian society, the Dalit population is a victim of gender discrimination.

It is a disgusting custom in the Dalit community that these stars match the relationship between a boy and a girl. This story is about one such Dalit family who holds their ancient traditions close to their chest and considers it a great sin to violate these traditions.

A girl from the family wants to get married of her choice. But her family refuses to marry her due to star mismatch. Boy and girl love each other very much. They want to get married but their family elders are not ready to accept this.

Both of them want to rebel against social norms as they are the biggest obstacle in their love. But they are also afraid of the displeasure of their family elders. Because of this, they faced severe difficulties.

The story of this Urdu novel is about the hideous caste system of Hinduism and its terrible effects. The story of the novel provides a lot of information about the complex beliefs of Hinduism.

About the Author:

Aslam Rahi is a prominent novelist of Urdu literature. He is proficient in writing historical novels. Many of his novels got eternal fame. His famous novels include Tariq bin Ziyad, Yusuf bin Tashfin, Mughal Azam, Achhot, Hajjaj bin Yusuf, Atishparast, and Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi.

Aslam Rahi MA Novels List:

  • Aurangzaib Alamgeer
  • Yousaf Bin Tashfin
  • Baraq e Kaleesa
  • Daldal
  • Achoot
  • Sikandar e Azam
  • Halaqoo Khan

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