Alakh Nagri Novel By Mumtaz Mufti  

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Alakh Nagri Novel By Mumtaz Mufti

Alakh Nagri Novel by Mumtaz Mufti 

Writer: Mumtaz Mufti

Alakh Nagri ( الکھ نگری )is a famous autobiographical book of Urdu literature. This book has been written by the best novelist, and prose writer of Urdu literature, Mumtaz Mufti. This book was published by Milestone Publications in 1993 and it was well-liked by the readers. It is one of the most famous books of Mumtaz Mufti and Urdu literature.

Book Summary:

This book is a biography of the author in which the important events of his life are described under different headings. In the first part of the book, the circumstances from the birth of Mufti to 1947, i.e. till the creation of Pakistan, are recorded.

In the second part of the book, the circumstances and events after the formation of Pakistan and till the death of Mufti in 1993 are recorded.

Mufti was born in Batala, Punjab, India. He had been living in Mumbai for a long time in search of employment. Mumtaz Mufti was in Mumbai when the creation of Pakistan was announced.

He decided to migrate to the new country of Pakistan. Mufti has described the important events that happened during the migration from Mumbai to Lahore in the book. The name of Mufti’s village was Alipur, another important village in Batala city.

Alakh Nagri by Mumtaz Mufti completes the Novel:

Mufti’s Nick Name was Aili, hence Mufti named his book Ali pur Ka Ali. Mufti has named the first part of the book Alipur Ka Ali and the second part of the book Alakh Nagri. From the kind of views expressed by Mufti in his book, it is felt that he was a very rebellious and rebellious person in the early years of his life.

But in the second part of the book, Alkh Nagri, appears to be a different person. Here he looks like a loving person. In the first part of the biography he about women According to the views expressed, it is felt that they have antiquated and negative views about women.

In the book’s second part, he uses very positive and respectful words about women. They consider women as the pillars of the family system. In middle age, Mufti took up the company of Qudratullah Shahab, a renowned Sufi scholar, writer, and dervish. 

He also became a disciple of Sufi scholar Ashfaq Ahmed. For this reason, in the second part of his book, the color of spirituality is visible to him. Mufti has also recorded the details of the important events that happened during the partition of India, including the looting of houses, violation of women’s dignity, and massacre of children and old people.

Mufti also recorded the accounts of friends and loved ones who were separated during the partition of India. At the end of the book, he also introduced the literate friends of Lahore. Overall, this is an important biographical book of Urdu literature. Apart from Pakistan, it is also popular among the Urdu-speaking community in India and Bangladesh.

About the Author:

Mumtaz Mufti was a prominent fiction writer of Urdu literature. He was born in the city of Batala in the Punjab province of India in 1905 during the British Raj. His father’s name was Muhammad Hussain he was a much-respected man in the area.

Mufti received his early education in Batala city. After completing his education, he joined the Education Department as a school teacher.

He started writing fiction while working as a school teacher. Initially, he was a writer with liberal and secular thinking.

Later he became friends with the renowned scholar and fiction writer, Sufi intellectual Ashfaq Ahmed, which changed his views.

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