Angan Novel By Khadija Mastoor PDF

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Angan Novel By Khadija Mastoor PDF

Angan Novel

Writer: Khadija Mastoor


Angan Novel By Khadija Mastoor PDF is a masterpiece novel of Urdu literature. It is one of the most popular novels in the Urdu language. The author of this novel is Khadija Mastoor who is a famous novelist. This novel written by him is one of the best Urdu novels in our national literature.

The novel was written against the backdrop of the partition of India. Due to the popularity of the novel, it has been translated into thirteen languages. India’s freedom movement and partition into two countries is the main theme of this novel. The national political parties participating in the freedom movement and their political struggles have been examined in detail in this novel.

Aangan Novel Story:

The main characters are Shami Alia and Jameel. These people belong to prosperous families. In the story of the novel, the role of women to beautify homes is appreciated. Apart from this, the negative effects of the partition of the country on various families have been examined in detail.

During the partition of India into two countries, the gruesome massacres of women, men, and children have also been extensively covered. The sufferings of Pakistani Muslim refugees from India have also been described in detail. The family was very prosperous before the partition of India. After the partition of the country, they faced severe economic problems.

Along with this, his father died. Due to economic problems, these people sold their ancestral houses. Other members of the family almost lost their jobs, leaving them destitute. Khadija Mastoor is a novelist of Urdu literature. The Urdu-speaking community in India and other countries besides Pakistan loved her literary work.


Angan is a very famous novel in Urdu literature. In the novel under review, Khadija portrays the economic, political, and social crisis that occurred during the partition of the country.

About the Author of the book:

Khadija Mastoor is Pakistan’s leading Urdu novel and short story writer. She is working part-time as a writer.  She is writing regularly for different urdu magazines and digests like Khawateen Digest, Pakeeza Digest, and Kiran Digest.

Khadija Mastoor got her early education in Braily city Uttar Pradesh India. Her sister is also an urdu novel writer named Hajra Masroor. She wrote urdu novels and short stories.

Books of Khadija Mastoor:

  • Bauchhar
  • Thake Haare
  • Thanda Mitha Pani
  • Angan

She was a very talented female novelist from Pakistan. Pakistan Television in Lahore center adopted this novel for a drama serial. Urdu literature considered this a very classical story. 

The President of Pakistan awarded the Pride of Performance award to Khadija Mastoor for writing so an excellent and historic novel. Some urdu Literature experts considered her novel the best book of the novel of urdu.

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