Baba Sahiba Book By Ashfaq Ahmed

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Baba Sahiba Book By Ashfaq Ahmed

Baba Sahiba Book By Ashfaq AhmedUrdu short stories pdf free download

Writer: Ashfaq Ahmad

Baba Sahiba Book By Ashfaq Ahmed is a collection of philosophical thoughts written by the famous Sufi scholar, thinker, and fiction writer Ashfaq Ahmed. This book by Ashfaq Ahmed is a collection of many categories. There are two parts to this book. The first part of the book consists of Ashfaq Ahmed’s experiences, observations, and meetings. Ashfaq Ahmed has been working as an Urdu language teacher at a public university in Rome, Italy.

 During his stay in European society, he has written down what he saw there and gave it the form of a book. The second part of the book contains various discussions on spirituality, religion, Sufism, and philosophy. Ashfaq Ahmad is very much influenced by Sufia and Auliya-i-Allah. In many places in the book, he quotes the sayings of Sophia. Many of his fiction, plays, and books are about Sufism and spirituality.

Baba Sahiba Book By Ashfaq Ahmed

The language of this book is very simple and easy to understand. It can be easily read and understood by a less educated person. One of the great qualities of Ashfaq Ahmed’s fiction and plays is that they serve as spiritual and moral training for the readers. All of his major books contain the message of Sufism, ethics, and spirituality. This spiritual message has produced tremendous change.

 Students of our colleges and universities who were earlier influenced by western civilization and western thinkers are now influenced by the thought of Allama Iqbal and the spiritual message of Baba Sahiba Ashfaq Ahmed.

About the Author of the Book:

Ashfaq Ahmad was a renowned Pakistani novelist, Sufi intellectual, writer, prose writer, fiction writer, and dramatist. His best research work is what he has done as a dramatist. He worked as a scriptwriter for Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television for a long time. Due to his academic and literary services, the President of Pakistan awarded him a Star of Distinction and Pride of Performance.

Ashfaq Ahmed was born on August 22, 1925, in the city of Makstar in the Punjab province of India. After the creation of Pakistan, he settled in Lahore. He received his primary education in his city. After settling in Lahore, he Obtained a M.A degree in Urdu from Government College Lahore. 

His wife Bano Qudsia was his classmate here. At the beginning of his writing career, He used to write stories for the children’s magazine Flower, which he became very popular among children.

Baba Sahiba Book By Ashfaq Ahmed

After that, he joined Radio Pakistan as a script writer. On Radio Pakistan, he used to host an improvisational program called Takzin Shah, which was very popular among the people of the rural areas of Pakistan. Due to his ability and experience, he was appointed as Director of the Urdu Science Board. He worked on this post for many years and also continued writing Urdu pdf books.

During the government of General Zia-ul-Haq, he was appointed as an advisor in the Ministry of Education. Apart from being a writer, and playwright, Ashfaq was also an able teacher of Urdu language and literature. He taught for several years as a professor in the department of Urdu at the University Of Rome, Italy.

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