Bano Novel By Razia Butt [DOWNLOAD PDF]

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Bano Novel By Razia Butt

Bano Novel 

Writer: Razia Butt


Bano Novel by Razia Butt is a famous historical novel in the Urdu language. The author of this novel book is the famous female novelist Razia Butt. Razia Butt wrote this Urdu novel in the background of the Partition of India and the establishment of Pakistan. Fans of Urdu literature consider this novel Razia’s best literary work. Pakistan Television telecasted TV series on the story of this novel. This historical story was loved by the public.

Bano Novel Summary:

In the story of this novel, the events of killings and sacrifices of Muslims during the partition of India and the establishment of Pakistan have been made the subject. The story of the novel was written against the backdrop of partitioned India. The story of the novel begins in the days of August 1947 when the partition of India was going on.

Bano Novel true story:

The main characters of this story are Hasan and Rabia. Hassan and Rabia meet after many years. Rabia likes Hassan a lot and wants to get engaged with him. But Hasan is not interested in it. He does not respond to her interest. Hasan was engaged to his cousin Bano many years ago. But now due to the partition of India and the decision to establish Pakistan, killings are happening in the country.

Due to this Hasan has no contact with Bano’s family anymore. He thinks about whether he will be able to meet the lady in this environment of riots or not. The writer decides that he should forget Banu and get engaged to Rabia. He agrees to Rabia’s engagement. Rabia is overjoyed at Hasan’s positive response and they both get engaged.

Meanwhile, Sikh rioters enter Bano’s house and kill all her family members. Only Bano and her mother survive. Bano and her mother try to reach Lahore by immigrating under difficult conditions. While traveling with the caravan, Sikh rioters attacked and killed Bano. The rioters also raped Bano and fled leaving her injured.

Bano tries to go to Pakistan by boarding a train bound for Lahore. During the journey, rioters attack the train In which many people are killed. A Sikh kidnaps Basant Singh Bano and forcibly marries her.


Bano‘s Novel is a mixture of romance, tragedy, and suspense. At the beginning of the story, there are scenes of romantic discussions between Hassan and Rabia, but the end of the story is very tragic. I think you will never bear the pain of the poor refugees.

About the Author of the Book:

Razia Butt is a great name in the art of Urdu novel writing. Razia is one of the few novelists in the Urdu language who found immense popularity among housewives in the sixties and seventies. His novels are compared to English novelist Barbara. Barbara was also very popular among housewives just like Razia Butt is also popular.

Razia Butt was born on 19 May 1924 in Wazirabad. He received his primary education from the high school in his city. Anhun started writing novels in Urdu literature in 1940. He wrote his first Urdu novel under the name Naila. After that, she continued to write plays for the radio. He also wrote the story of the film Naila. In his famous novel Bano, Pakistan Television made a drama series called Dastan, which became very popular.

Apart from novels, Razia Butt has also written short stories. He has written more than 250 short stories. 51 books of his novels have been published so far. He has also written an app beti called Bachde Sang. Razia passed away on October 4, 2012, in Lahore after a prolonged illness.

Razia Butt Novels pdf:

  •      Aag
  •      Aina
  •      Aneela
  •      Bano
  •      Beena
  •      Chahat
  •      Darling
  •      Saiqa
  •      Wehshi

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