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Bin Roye Ansoo by Farhat Ishtiaq novel pdf download

Book Name:  Bin Royee Ansoo Urdu Novels pdf download

Writer: Farhat Ishtiaq

Bin Roye Ansoo full novel:

The writer of the online novel reading Urdu, Bin Roye Ansoo, is Farhat Ishtiaq who is a well-known author of Urdu literature.Bin Royee Ansoo Urdu Novels pdf download.

Bin Roye Ansoo Urdu Novel story summary:

The leading characters in the story of this romantic Urdu novels pdf free download are Saba Shafiq, Irtaza, and Saman Shafiq. The story of this Urdu romantic novels pdf revolves around Saba Shafiq who loves her cousin Irtaza. But Irtaza has no interest in falling in love with her. He only considers her a friend.

Irtaza goes to America from Pakistan for two years where he meets his cousin Saman Shafiq who loves him very much. Saman is Saba Shafiq’s elder sister. His uncle takes her in his childhood. 

Saman’s parents die in a plane crash in Germany. Irtaza sends Saman back to Pakistan. Saba loves Irtaza and wants to marry him. But Irtaza wants to marry her sister Saman instead.

Saman and Irtaza get married.  After marriage, they decide to stay in the USA. A few years later, they come to Karachi with their son Maaz. The couple goes to Karachi for their son Moaz’s birthday shopping, where they have an accident. Irtaza’s wife Saman dies on the way to the hospital.

Irtaza is advised to marry Saba now but he refuses. Saba and Safeer get married.  Safeer tells Saba that he intends to marry a Canadian woman. She tells the Safeer to do whatever she wants but don’t divorce me. Irtaza finds out that the Safeer is married in Canada and has a son.

And despite knowing all this, Saba has kept the matter a secret. She tells Saba to leave her husband and come back but she says that she will never divorce her husband. Irtaza shares this issue with the family, and they get a divorce from Safeer. Saba’s mother wants Saba and Irtaza’s marriage. They both get married and on the same day, Saba’s mother dies. Saba hardly accepts this marriage. She thinks that she is the cause of the death of her sister Suman.

Irtaza finally finds out that Saba loved Irtaza from day one. He appreciates Saba’s love from the heart and confesses his love to her.

About the Author of the Book:

The writer of this online novel reading Urdu is Farhat Ishtiaq, a renowned Pakistani novelist, writer, and screenwriter. She was born on 23 June 1980. Farhat Ishtiaq is a well-known Urdu language novelist, writer, and screenwriter. She is best known for writing novels in Urdu pdf. She writes mostly about Pakistani society.

Farhat Ishtiaq is primarily a civil engineer and has a master’s degree in civil engineering. In 2005 he decided to leave the engineering field and pursue a career as a writer. Many Urdu pdf books, Hum Safar, Mataa Jan Hai To, and Mere Hamdam Mere Dost are her famous Urdu romantic novels pdf.

Her Urdu pdf book, Humsafar, won her the Best Writer award. She won the Best Writer award for her book Diyar e dil. Her novel Udari has also become a drama serial. She received the award for best writer.

Bin Roye Ansoo Urdu Novel pdf download:

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