Butshikan Novel by Bushra Rehman Pdf

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Butshikan Novel by Bushra Rehman Pdf

Butshikan Novel by Bushra Rehman Pdf 

Writer:  Bushra Rehman

Butshikan ( بت شکن ) Novel by Bushra Rehman Pdf is a standard and sophisticated Urdu fiction novel. The author of this novel is the well-known female novelist Bushra Rehman. It is a socio-romantic story that highlights the importance of relationships for a happy life. The author of this novel tells us that there are reasons for cracks in relationships. Also, what should we do to save relationships from breaking up?

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The story of this Urdu novel is related to a boy and a girl. The names of both of them are Tawheed and Dil Awaiz. Dil Awaiz and Tawheed are very close friends. Their friendship started five years ago. After that, relations were established between the families of both of them.

The members of both families started coming and going to each other’s houses. Soon the elders of both families decided to establish a relationship between these two children. In this way, Tawheed and his friend Dil Awiz got engaged. The families of both of them started preparations for their marriage.

Dil Awiz and Tawheed loved each other very much and their friendly relationship was going very well. Their families thought that it would be more appropriate for them to convert their friendship into a husband-wife relationship. But the decision of the elders of the family did not prove correct.

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Marriage Some time ago, many differences arose between Tawheed and Dil Awiz. In the beginning, both families tried to cool things down, but these efforts could not prove fruitful. Thus the engagement of Tawheed and Dil Awiz was broken.

Tawheed looked very sad and miserable at the break-up of the engagement. The main reason for breaking the engagement was Dil Awaz. Dil Awaz’s attitude had become very arrogant. Tawheed was very surprised and worried when his behavior suddenly changed. He never expected that his relationship with Dil Awaiz would end like this.

About the Author of the Book:

Bushra Rehman was born on August 29, 1944, in Bahawalpur, Pakistan under British rule. She was a famous Pakistani female Urdu novelist. He received his primary education in his hometown. He obtained BA and MA in Education degrees from Bahawalpur.

Apart from being a novelist, and writer, he was also a prominent politician. He fought a vigorous legal battle for women’s issues and rights. In 2002, she was elected as a woman member of the National Assembly.

In recognition of his educational and literary services, he was awarded the Star of Distinction by the Government of Pakistan.

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