Chand Say Na Khailo by Bushra Rehman

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Chand Say Na Khailo by Bushra Rehman Pdf

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Writer:  Bushra Rehman

 Chand Se Na Khelo is a standard and high-quality Urdu novel. The author of this novel story is the famous female novelist Bushra Rehman. It is a socio-romantic story that exposes the hidden vices and flaws of people.

This novel story was initially published in the local digest, later it was published as a full book. Most of Bushra Rahman’s novels consist of socio-romantic stories. The Urdu novel story under comment is also a romantic story of the same style.

Story of the Novel, Summary:

The story of this Urdu novel revolves around a girl and a boy. The boy’s name is Zaneer and the girl’s name is Zehra. Zahra belongs to an American Pakistani family. This family has been living in America for a long time.

They are very prosperous and enterprising people. They are living a life of great luxury here in America. Zanir is a highly educated boy who came to America from Pakistan in search of employment. He is highly educated but unfortunately, he did not get a job in Pakistan.

After moving to America, he meets Zahra in a department store. Zahra is a beautiful and intelligent girl. Zanir likes this girl very much and soon they become friends. After their meetings progress, they decide to get married. And soon Hayan gets married.

Chand Se Na Khelo Complete Novel by Bushra Rehman:

Zahra’s decision to marry Zaneer did not turn out to be right. Because Zanir is a mean and selfish person. This man does not think beyond his meaning and self at all. He has cheated on Venus. Before the marriage, he did not tell Zahra that he was already married and had three children.

Zanir suddenly decides to go to his homeland Pakistan one day. He leaves for Pakistan without telling Zahra. Zahira searches for him but he cannot find her. Zahra found a letter in her room saying that I am married and a father of three children. I am going to my family my children.

Zahira was totally unprepared for this sudden and unexpected situation. It was all very surprising to him. She couldn’t imagine that a person whom she loved so badly could betray her so much. He is deeply traumatized by this incident. But he has no choice but to be patient.

The end scene in the story of this novel is very tragic and depressing. Especially when Zahra finds out that her husband and lover have left her. Also, he was not a bachelor boy but a married man and a father of three children. She gets very traumatized.

About the Author of the Book:

Bushra Rehman was born on August 29, 1944, in Bahawalpur, Pakistan under British rule. She was a famous Pakistani female Urdu novelist. He received his primary education in his hometown. He obtained BA and MA in Education degrees from Bahawalpur.

Apart from being a novelist, and writer, he was also a prominent politician. In 1985 she was a member of the Punjab Assembly in a seat reserved for women. He fought a vigorous legal battle for women’s issues and rights. In 2002, she was a woman member of the National Assembly.

The Government of Pakistan awarded her the Star of Distinction for her educational and literary services.

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