Dar E Dil Novel By Nabeela Aziz PDF

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Dar E Dil Novel By Nabeela Aziz PDF

Dar E Dil 

Writer: Nabeela Aziz

Dar E Dil Novel By Nabeela Aziz PDF is a romantic and social novel. The author of this novel is Nabila Aziz and the story of this novel is very unique. The author of the story has critically evaluated the thoughts and concerns of our society about love in the novel.

Dar Dil the novel was being published as episodes in the monthly Kiran Digest. After the completion of all the episodes, the novel was published as a book. This novel has also been translated into English.

Dar e Dil Novel Summary: 

There are many characters in the story novel, but there are only two main characters. The names of these characters are Alizi and Abdullah. All the characters in the story are related. Zara is Azhar’s cousin and loves him very much.

She wishes to marry him. But Azhar’s parents don’t like Zara at all and want their son to marry another girl. However, Zara’s parents consider Azhar to be a very good boy. Therefore, they try hard to fix their daughter’s engagement with Azhar. But despite all efforts, Azhar’s parents did not agree.

Zara’s parents were greatly disrespected by rejecting the offer to settle the relationship. His family was disgraced by his relatives and he faced many social problems.

Despite all this, Zara’s love for Azhar has not diminished. She was still deeply in love with him and hoped to marry him. But unfortunately, it could not happen. She was deeply shocked and mentally upset when Zara did not marry Azhar.

The story novel has a lot of romance and suspense which keeps the reader gripped from the beginning to the end of the story. After reading the novel, its effects remain in the mind of the reader for several days. It is a socio-romantic story that has been immensely loved. If you are also fond of reading socio-romantic stories, this novel is for you.


Dar e Dil is a wonderful urdu novel by female writer Nabila Aziz. Most of her novels got extraordinary fame among the readers of Urdu literature. Hope you will like this novel very much.

About the Author of the book:

Nabeela Aziz is Pakistan’s leading urdu novel and short story writer.

Nabeela Aziz is a housewife. She is working part-time as a writer.  The writer is writing regularly for different Urdu magazines and digests.

She is a rising Urdu language novelist. Her novels are gaining popularity among young students. The themes of Nabeela’s novels are romance and social issues. Her novels focus on Pakistan’s family system, women’s domestic life, and family traditions.

She specializes in storytelling. She tells the story in such a way that the reader is completely lost in this story. It is this uniqueness that sets him apart from other writers. Most of her novels are published in the form of episodes in various magazines and digests. If you like to read Nabeela’s books, visit the website Search.

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