Dasht E Wehshat Novel by Mehwish Ali

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Dasht E Wehshat Novel by Mehwish Ali

Novel Name: Dasht e Wehshat

Writer:  Mehwish Ali

Mehwish Ali Novels:

Dasht e Wehshat Novel by Mehwish Ali is the best and most popular novel in Urdu literature. The author of this novel is Mehwish Ali, a well-known female Urdu novelist. It is a social and romantic novel that tells the love story of a loving couple. This novel was earlier published in the form of episodes on social media.

Due to the excellent story and high characters, the readers loved this novel. Due to the popularity of this novel story, various digests started publishing it as episodes. Mehwish Ali has also published his super hit novel in the form of a book.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The name of the main character of the story of this novel is Hur ul Ain. Other characters in the story are Inspector Armaan, Noorul Ain, SP, Burhan Alvi, Samia, Maskan, Fitna, and Waqar Baloch. This story is about the romantic relationship between Noorul Ain and Burhan. Noor Al Ain is a beautiful girl.

Dasht E Wehshat by Mehwish Ali season 2 Pdf download:

She likes Burhan and longs for his friendship. But Burhan is not interested in it. He is having a bad attitude toward this Nurul-Ain. Nurul Ain is heartbroken by Burhan’s negative response. Soon Burhan realizes his mistake. Thus they both become friends. The two are often seen together shopping, walking in the park, and studying in the library.

Burhan wishes that both of them should become life partners. Now the problem is that Burhan’s mother wants to get him engaged to another girl. Noorul Ain also faces the same problem; her parents want to marry her to another boy. Both are very worried and afraid of losing their love.

Novel Dasht E Wehshat Complete:

If you read romantic novels then this novel is for you. The story of this novel will surely impress you. Among Mehwish Ali’s novels pdf, this novel is of very high quality. The story of the novel is so captivating and inspiring that once you start reading it, you will be hooked.

You will not be able to leave the book without reading it completely. This beautiful novel contains more than 1600 pages. After reading the story of the novel, you will be captivated by it for a long time.

About the Author of the Book:

Mehwish Ali is a very big and important name in Urdu novel writing. She has become a popular novelist of Urdu literature. His novels have gained extraordinary popularity in recent times. Mehwish Ali has written beautiful novels on various topics.

She is still a newcomer in novel writing but his writing is very mature and has impressed readers a lot. Readers say that Mehwish Ali’s storytelling and writing style are impressive. Most of his novels are social and romantic. Romance and suspense are integral parts of his novels.

Her high-quality novels are considered by readers to be the best creative literature of Urdu fiction. Mehwish Ali started his novel writing through social media. Initially, he created his page on Facebook and started writing in the form of episodes.

The artistic quality of Mehwish Ali’s Novels and other literary works:

Her writing style is liked by the readers and encouraged them a lot. In recent times, her romance novels have become very popular and she has reached heights of fame.

Mehwish Ali is one of those novelists of the Urdu language who had great success at the beginning of their career. She has become the most popular writer of digests of Urdu novels. He is paid handsomely by Urdu digests for his novels.

Mehwish Ali is currently a college student pursuing her studies and writing a novel. She is a young writer and is doing great literary work. His novels are very creative. In a very short time, he has attracted the attention of readers of Urdu novels towards his writings.

Due to high quality, script, and common language, these novels have made a place in the hearts of Urdu literature lovers. Especially among Facebook users, there is a lot of discussion about his novels.

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