Deewar E Shab Novel By Aliya Bukhari PDF

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Deewar E Shab Novel

Deewar E Shab Novel

 Writer: Aliya Bukhari


Deewar E Shab Novel the author of this Urdu novel is Alia Bukhari. Alia Bukhari is a new Urdu novel writer but her novel urdu novels free downloads are gaining a lot of popularity. The authors of the best novels of the year 2222, if searched in Google, names appear in the first names. Diwar Shab Urdu Novel is a very long urdu novel pdf free download. It has about one thousand pages. Considering the popularity of this novel, a drama serial has also been made on it. Which was telecast on TV? This drama serial was named just like the novel, Deewar e Shab.

Summary and characters of the Novel:

This Urdu novel contains many characters and titles. The main character of this novel’s story is an artisan who falls in love with a girl he loves and wants to marry her. The girl’s family is strongly against this marriage. The girl’s family traditionally wants her to marry an older man.

They are not willing to marry a stranger. The girl’s family members choose an old man to marry her. The girl does not like this old relative at all and does not agree to marry him. But family traditions Because of this, her relatives and family members insist on accepting this marriage.

It is difficult for a girl to decide whether to follow the love of her lover or to follow the family’s preferences and traditions. The romantic urdu novels pdf free download offline actually draws attention to the outdated tradition of our society that women should marry the man of their choice is not allowed.

The story of this Urdu novel is very long but there is a lot of romance and suspense in it. The story of this novel is very lively and attractive.  If you read a traditional type of fiction, you will find this novel very long liked by the readers very much.

About the Author of the book :

Aliya Bukhari is Pakistan’s leading urdu romantic novels pdf Writer. She is a public servant. The writer has been serving in different govt. departments as an officer.  She is working part-time as a writer. The author is writing regularly for different urdu magazines and digests. Alia Bukhari is a rising Urdu language novelist. Her urdu novels online

 Are gaining popularity among young students. The themes of Alia’s novels are romance and social issues. Her urdu novel pdf free download focus on Pakistan’s family system, women’s domestic life, and family traditions. Alia specializes in storytelling. 

Deewar E Shab Novel Download:

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