Dil e Nadaan  Novel by Yaman Eva PDF

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Dil e Nadaan Novel by Yaman Eva PDF

Book Name: Dil Nadan

The Writer: Yaman Eva

Romantic Urdu Novels:

Dil Nadan is a standard and high-quality Urdu novel. The author of this novel is a young writer of the Urdu language Yaman Eva. It is a social romantic story in which the life of a couple is analyzed. This is the story of a girl and a boy who does not like each other from the heart but are living together to show the family and society.

Their relationship is only for a show with no element of romance. Both of them have affairs with different personalities but due to family pressure and fear, they could not express their love. This novel was published in the form of episodes in a local digest. Now this novel has been published as a hardcover book.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The main character in the story of this novel is a young boy named Ramab. He is an intelligent and hardworking student who has passed matriculation and FSC examination with top marks. Now he has got his master’s degree in business administration from a government university in the city.

He is the first youth in his family to obtain this higher education degree. His father is a landowner who owns a large amount of agricultural land. She has received job offers from many companies and is about to start his career by joining the job soon.

His parents fixed Ramab’s relationship with Ajwa since his childhood. Now his family is preparing to marry Ramab with this girl. Ramab is in love with one of his classmate girls and wants to marry her. He has expressed this wish to his parents but his wish has been rejected.

Dil e Nadan Novel Season 2:

His parents have asked him to marry Ajwa. His parents understand that maintaining relationships is very important because failure to do so can lead to conflict in the family. It is a forced marriage in which the girl is very happy but the boy is not happy at all.

Both parents have married Ramab and Ajwa. Now Ajwa vows that she will make this marriage a success no matter what sacrifices she has to make for it. Despite Ramab’s resentment and hateful attitude, he is very polite and loving toward her.

Introduction of the author of the novel:

Yeman Eva is a new Urdu novelist whose novels are highly appreciated by the young generation. She is currently a student studying at a private university in Karachi. She mostly writes digest serial novels. Her novels are Very popular in academic circles. She has written dozens of novels so far. Her novels are published in various Urdu digests, including Pakeezah Digest, Suspense Digest, and Shuya Digest.

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