Extreme Love Urdu Novel by Malisha Rana

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Extreme Love Urdu Novel by Malisha Rana

Book Name: Extreme Love

The Writer: Malisha Rana

Malisha Rana Novels:

Extreme Love is a social romantic Urdu novel written by Malisha Rana, a well-known novelist of romantic novels. It is a romantic novel that has gained immense popularity in recent times. This novel was previously featured in episodes in a local Urdu digest. It was published now it is available in the market as a hardcover book.

Summary/ Story of the Novel:

The story of this novel is about a couple who has to struggle hard to find their love. The girl and the boy face many difficulties to find love. Both of their families are opposing their marriage of them strongly. The reason for their opposition is that the girl belongs to a middle-class family while the boy belongs to a rich and industrialist family.

 The boy’s father is a big businessman who has extensive business in the country. His father has given him professional education from the top universities in the country. His father wants him to gain business experience as soon as possible and help him manage the business.

But he is an independent-minded, fashionable, and modern young man with a romantic temperament. He has no interest in doing business and gaining experience. The boy’s parents want to get their son married in an industrialist family.

Extreme Love Urdu Novel by Malisha Rana Season 3:

The girl’s parents want to get their daughter engaged to a boy from their relatives and community. Both families think of different social statuses and apparently, it seems impossible to settle the relationship between them. But the boy and the girl are insisting on their parents getting permission to marry in any case.

Did the girl and the boy get married or not? What happened to the love of these two lovers? Did their parents stop opposing their marriage or not? To know the answers to all these questions, you should read the novel completely. If you are fond of reading social romance novels, then you will definitely like this novel.

Introduction of the author of the novel:

Maleesha Rana is a famous and successful female Urdu novelist. She is from Karachi; Sindh province of Pakistan. She started her career as a novelist during her studies. The writer is one of the writers of the Urdu language who received immense recognition in his youth.

Urdu literature lovers call her the best female Urdu novelist of the modern era. She mostly writes social romantic novels. Urdu literature experts call her the best literary asset of the Urdu language. She has written dozens of novels so far which have gained a lot of popularity

Maleesha holds a BS Urdu degree from the University of Karachi and is teaching in a private college. She has written more than thirty-two novels so far which are loved by Urdu readers.

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