Faizan e Tib e Nabvi urdu tibbi books pdf

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Faizan e Tib e Nabvi urdu tibbi books pdf

 Faizan e Tib e Nabvi urdu tibbi books pdf   free download

 Writer:  Hakeem Muhammad Aslam Shaheen


Faizan e Tib e Nabvi urdu tibbi books pdf Hakeem Muhammad Aslam Shaheen. In this book, the treatment of diseases according to the principles of Prophetic Medicine is described. Herbs are natural remedies for diseases and sick people have been using them for centuries. The effects of herbs are authentic and 80% of the world is still being treated according to this method.

Even today, people rely heavily on this method of treatment. Western countries have achieved great success by conducting research in the field of medical science. The field of medical science has improved due to the field of diagnosis and surgery. Specialists in this field have received basic guidance from Greek medicine and Islamic medicine. Only then did he get success in the field of surgery.

Faizan e Tib e Nabvi urdu tibbi books pdf

Considering the efficacy of herbs, a department of herbal medicine has been established in the pharmaceutical sector in the universities of European countries. Western countries today are Convinced of the efficacy of herbal medicines. Now medicines are made from herbs and patients are being used. In this way, Western countries have also accepted this prophetic method of treatment as an authentic method of treatment. The treatment of the following diseases is described in the urdu Tibby books.

Faizan e Tib e Nabvi urdu tibbi books pdf

  • Head and brain diseases
  • Diseases of the lungs
  •  Kidney diseases
  • Skin diseases
  • Stomach Diseases
  • Liver diseases
  • Treatment of Cancer
  • Male sexually transmitted diseases
  • Gynecological diseases
  •  Heart disease
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Gastrointestinal diseases
  • Eye diseases
  • Diseases of the nose throat and ears
  • Bone diseases
  • Blood Diseases
  • Hair Diseases

Hakeem Muhammad Aslam Shaheen Qadri:

Hakeem Muhammad Aslam is a herbal medicine expert and able physician. Hakim Muhammad Aslam belongs to Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan. His clinic is in Phool Nagar, Kasur District. He is a graduate of Hamayat e Islam Tibbia College Lahore.

 The writer specializes in Islamic medicine and Greek medicine. He is a compassionate and humane physician. He treats patients very carefully and does it sympathetically. Research is very important for the evolution of Greek medicine. He has been working day and night for medical revival by organizing medical conferences. He has written many books on medicine.

Books by Hakim  Muhammad Aslam Shaheen:

  • Faizan e Tib e Nabvi Hikmat ki books in urdu pdf free download.
  • Ilaj Bil Ghaza
  • Tohfa e Shadi
  • Tibbi Rasaiels

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