Fareb e Nazar Novel by Aliya Bukhari

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Fareb e Nazar Novel

 Fareb e Nazar Novel by Aliya Bukhari Free pdf

Writer: Aliya Bukhari


Fareb e Nazar is a socio-romantic novel of Urdu literature. The author of this novel is the famous novelist, and dramatist, Alia Bukhari. It is the story of a couple who are facing great difficulties to find their love. These people are suffering due to the rigid and narrow-minded thinking of the two families.

This Urdu novel was published in Urdu Digest in 2016. It is published monthly in the form of episodes in the Digest. After that, it was published in book form.

Story/Summary of the Novel: 

The story of this Urdu novel is about a boy named Ayaz. Ayaz is an ordinary young man from a middle-class family. Not long ago he shifted from Lahore to Karachi in search of employment. Here he is staying in his uncle’s house. Aima is Ayaz’s uncle’s daughter and loves Ayaz very much.

He develops a deep friendship with Ayaz. Aima is a beautiful and educated girl. Ayaz loves her very much and wishes to marry her. They both are planning to get married. When Ayaz’s uncle finds out about their love story, he gets very angry and kicks his nephew Ayaz out of the house.

Review of the novel:

He cuts ties with his nephew forever. Aima is very sad and worried about this incident. The marriage dream of these two friends has badly broken.

 The story of this novel informs about the feelings of people who fall victim to failure in love. The reason for their failure in love is their parents. Parents of children kill their children’s emotions to satisfy their ego.


Fareb e Nazar is a wonderful Novel of Urdu literature. The story of this novel is about romance and spiritualism. The story of the novel is very strong. If you are fond of reading such romantic and social novels, then read it. Hope you will like this novel very much.

About the Author of the book:

Aliya Bukhari is Pakistan’s leading Urdu novel and playwright. Aliya Bukhari is a public servant. She has been serving in different govt. departments as an officer.  The author is working part-time as a writer.  The writer is writing regularly for different Urdu magazines and digests.

Alia Bukhari is a rising Urdu language novelist. Her novels are gaining popularity among young students. The themes of Alia’s novels are romance and social issues. Her novels focus on Pakistan’s family system, women’s domestic life, and family traditions.

Alia specializes in storytelling. She tells the story in such a way that the reader is completely lost in this story. It is this uniqueness that sets him apart from other writers.  If you like to read Alia’s books, visit the website Search.

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