Hazaar Dastaan Novel by Anwar Aligi

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Hazaar Dastaan Urdu Novel by Anwar Aligi PDF

Book Name: Hazar Dastan 

The Writer: Anwar Aligi

Social romantic Urdu Novels:

Hazar Dastan is a social and romantic Urdu novel story written by a renowned Urdu novelist Anwar Aligi. It is a digest serial novel that has been published in the form of episodes in a local Urdu digest. Now, this Urdu novel is Available in Hardcover for Readers of Urdu Literature. This novel is about a person who got married to his beloved some time ago.

He was very happy to get his love. He considered himself a very lucky person who had achieved great success by getting his beloved. But the decisions of fate are something else that man is not aware of. After a year of marriage, a daughter was born to him and his wife died along with it.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The story of this novel is about a young man Kamal Roy. He is the son of Roshan Roy, a nobleman of the city. Kamal Roy is a handsome and decent young man who has recently obtained a degree in Pharmacist from the city’s university.

While studying at the university, he falls in love with a beautiful girl.  Some time ago he got married to this girl. He had a daughter with this lady and after a few days, his wife died. Kamal Roy was very shocked by the death of his beloved wife and he spent several days with her.

She remained in the state of the nation until the day. However, she tried to take care of herself and concentrated on raising her daughter.

Kamal Rai thought that now he should look for a relationship to marry again. He proposed marriage to a woman named Sabora.

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The woman accepted his offer. Marriage preparations started. Sabora’s parents refused to marry their daughter to Kamal Rai. He refused. They say that Kamal Roy is already married and has a daughter.

Sabora’s parents are against marrying their virgin daughter to a roadway man. But Kamal Rai and Sabora love each other. Kamal Rai says that he is ready to make any kind of sacrifice to get Sabora. If her parents don’t end their opposition to the marriage. He will not hesitate to go to court to get married.

Hazaar Dastaan Urdu Novel by Anwar Aligi  Pdf download:

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