Haziq Book by Ajmal PDF Free Download

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Mujarbat e Ajmal is an urdu pdf books free download of Greek medicine treatment compiled by Hakim Ajmal Khan.

Book Name: Haziq  urdu books pdf free download

Writer: Hakeem Muhammad Ajmal Khan


Haziq is an urdu pdf book free download of Greek medicine treatment compiled by Hakim Ajmal Khan. This book mentions the medical prescriptions tested by Hakim Sahib which he had used and checked on the patients.

The treatment of the following diseases is described in the book.

Haziq Book by Hakeem Ajmal Khan PDF Free Download

  1. Head and brain disease 2. Diseases of the lungs
  2. Kidney diseases 4. Skin diseases
  3. Liver diseases 6. Male sexually transmitted diseases
  4. Gynecological diseases 8. Heart disease
  5. Urinary tract infections 10. Gastrointestinal diseases
  6. Eye diseases 12. Diseases of the nose throat and ears
  7. Bone diseases

Hakim Ajmal Khan was considered one of India’s most capable and experienced hakims. He became famous all over India because of his medical services. The writer was one of the ablest and most highly educated physicians in India. The author was a nationalist man with a broken heart. They used to charge high fees for treating rich people while treating the poor for free.

Past and present of Greek medicine:

Greek medicine arrived in united India in the thirteenth century AD. People in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan still seek treatment from their specialists. In India, it enjoys government patronage, which has led to significant growth in the sector. Government-sponsored herbal medicine hospitals have been set up there, where people are provided treatment at very low fees.

Haziq Book by Hakeem Ajmal Khan PDF Free Download

Unfortunately, in our country, Pakistan; Greek medicine clinics do not have official patronage. Due to this department could not get a rise. The government provides funding only to allopathic medical education institutions. The government hospitals of Allopathic are given a health budget.

With proper patronage of this sector and provision of ample funds, cheap and quality treatment can be provided to the people in our country like Indian Medical Herbal Hospitals.

Hakeem Ajmal Khan, Life and Services:

Hakim Ajmal Khan Dehlavi was born on February 9 in Delhi.After memorizing the Qur’an, he studied Arabic, Persian, and Urdu at local educational institutions. After that, he studied Greek medicine with his elder brother Hakim Wasil Khan and got so much expertise in the field of Greek medicine that, became famous in every part of India.

Hakim Ajmal Khan’s ancestors came to Delhi from Herat, Afghanistan with Zaheer-ud-Din Babar’s army. During the reign of Mughal emperor Akbar, his family became attached to the royal court.

Haziq Book by Hakeem Ajmal Khan PDF Free Download

One of his ancestors, Hakim Muhammad Sharif Khan, was the royal physician of King Shah Alam. Hakim Ajmal Khan established several medical institutes in Delhi to popularize Greek medicine in the subcontinent and to provide medical education to the students.

These include Delhi’s Greek Medicine College, Greek Medicine Hospital, and Millia University. Hakim Ajmal Khan has written many medical books in Urdu, Arabic, and Persian.

Even today patients are treated at a very low cost in the branches of Ajmal Pharmacy in Pakistan and India. The medicines of Ajmal Pharmacy are very standard, pure, genuine, and low-cost.

In addition, because of his services, the nation gave him the title of   Maseeh ul Mulch.

Haziq Book by Hakeem Ajmal Khan PDF Free Download

In 1829, Nawab of Rampur appointed him as his special physician.  1908, the Government of India addressed him as Hazeq-ul-Mulk.  He has appointed as head of Millia University in 1920.

Books by Hakim Ajmal Khan:

Bayaz e  Ajmal

Mujarbaat e Ajmal

Medical journals

This great physician and nationalist politician passed away on December 29, 1927.

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