Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Novel By Umera Ahmad

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Hum kahan Kay Sachay Thay by Umera Ahmed Novel pdf free download

Book Name: Hum Kahan Kay Sachay thay novels in urdu pdf

Writer: Umera Ahmad

Hum Kahan Kay Sachay thay Novel:

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay thay  Novel By Umera Ahmad is an urdu novels pdf download written by Umera Ahmed. The theme of this Urdu novel is romance, suspense, and tragedy. The story of this novel is a social story. Umera Ahmed writes mostly social urdu romantic novels pdf. She makes the social stories of Pakistani society the subject.

Hum Kahan kay Sachay Thay Novel Summary in English:

The story of this online novel reading urdu revolves around three persons. The story of this novel revolves around the characters of three cousins. The names of these characters are Aswad, Mehreen, and Mashal. Aswad is a very simple and nice boy.

He has a very friendly temperament and has a very good relationship with his two cousins ​​Mashal and Mehreen. Mashal is a very beautiful girl and she loves her cousin Aswad very much.

Mehreen is a very poor girl and she wants to marry Aswad. She is a very simple and innocent girl. Mehreen’s grandmother hates him because her father is a drug addict.

Mehreen’s father often steals and sells household items to get drugs. One day he steals his wife’s jewelry to buy drugs. His wife Rabia catches him stealing jewelry with red hands.

She tells her husband that, she wants a divorce, and she will take her daughter Mehreen with her to her parents’ house. Her husband is very upset because he loves his daughter very much and does not want to lose her. Mehreen’s mother Rabia finally divorces her husband, and she goes to her parents with her daughter.

Mehreen’s mother remarries and leaves Mehreen with her father. Because Mehreen’s stepfather is not willing to keep her in his house. Mehreen is sent to her grandmother. Her grandmother lives in their house with Mashal and Aswad.

Everyone in this house treats him with hatred. She lives a lonely life here. However, she is a girl with very strong nerves, she can handle all this. She is not bothered by the talk of society. After losing her parents, she has no one to help her except her aunt Saleha who is a very kind and noble woman.

Mehreen is a very intelligent girl. She is very fond of working in dramas in college. She performs very well in dramas. He also enjoys participating in speech contests. She always won first place in speech competitions in college.

Her classmates are impressed with her performance and admire her very much. Her cousin Mashal is very jealous of her. Aswad’s mother knows all about Mehreen. She loves Mehreen like her own daughters.

However, Mashal is the complete opposite of Mehreen. Mashal is beautiful but he is neither intelligent nor does he have any artistic abilities.

When Mashal’s mother finds out about Mehreen’s artistic abilities, she tells Mashal that you should also try to adopt Mehreen’s abilities.

This creates a feeling of inferiority in the Mashal and its heart there is bitterness and enmity against Mehreen.

She goes to Mehreen’s room and secretly reads her diary. She tries to find out the secrets of Mehreen’s artistic talents and imitate her. The Author tries to find out about Mehreen’s lifestyle and likes and dislikes.

Meanwhile, Mashal calls Aswad, who lives in the United States. She misleads him by telling lies about Mehreen. She tells him that she has too many boyfriends and that Mehreen smokes a lot.

Aswad believes Mashal’s words and starts hating Mehreen. His mother wants him to marry Mehreen because, for a long time, Aswad wanted her to marry Mehreen.

Mehreen’s friend’s cousin Safwan is also interested in Mehreen. When Mashaal reads Mehreen’s diary secretly, he finds out that Safwan also likes Mehreen very much.

To get revenge on Mehreen, Mashal tells Safwan that, Mehreen is the daughter of a drug addict. Her father was a drug addict.

Safwan gets upset with Mehreen after hearing Mashal’s words and Mashal creates misunderstandings between them. However, Safwan soon realizes that all this was false propaganda of Mashal which had no reality.

He offers marriage to Mehreen but Mehreen rejects the marriage offer. Mehreen tells him, you don’t know anything about my past. When you find out about my past, you will start hating me like other people.

Seeing that his plan flops, Mashal offers marriage to Aswad. Aswad agrees to the marriage and tells his mother that, he is planning to marry Mashal.

His mother does not agree with his son. She tells him to marry Mehreen.

Aswad tells Mashal that, he can’t marry her because his mother forbade him to marry her. This breaks Mashal’s heart but she tells Aswad I forgive you. You marry another girl I want to see you happy.

Aswad goes to Karachi with his mother for a few days. One night the family found the Mashal in the room, dead. Everyone accused Mehreen of killing Mashal. Police arrested Mehreen on charges of killing Mashal.

The housemaid  Shabo knew everything about  Mashal’s murder, but she did not tell anyone. Thus, Mehreen was sent to jail. While in jail, Mehreen remembered his parents very much. Soon Mehreen was granted bail in this case because Aswad had arranged a lawyer for him.

Mashal’s parents were not happy about Mehreen’s release. Because Mashaal’s parents thought that, Mehreen had poisoned their daughter, which led to her death.

Aswad also thinks that Mehreen is involved in Mashal’s murder, so he treats her very badly. Aswad marries Mehreen to avenge Mashal’s murder.

He beats her severely and abuses her. The writer tells her that you are the killer of the Mashal. He asks Mehreen to sign an affidavit in which Mehreen confesses to killing Mashal.

Mehreen becomes very ill due to violence, she is sent to a hospital. When the psychiatrist told Aswad that, because of his torture.

Aswad is seriously confused about his serious condition of Mehreen. The housemaid finally reveals the secret. She tells Aswad that Mehreen is innocent. Mashaal had a criminal mind.

She was also dull-minded in her studies and also smoked. She gave me narcotic medicine to put in a cup of tea of Mehreen. But by mistake, the cup of tea went to the Mashal, which caused his death. 

Aswad realizes his mistake by blaming the illegitimate Mehreen for Mashal’s murder. He immediately goes to the hospital and tries to reconcile with Mehreen. But Mehreen refuses to reconcile. Mehreen demands a divorce from Aswad.

Aswad apologizes to Mehreen and tells him that, he is ashamed of his behavior. Aswad tells Mehreen that he will love her as much as he loved her in childhood. Mehreen forgives Aswad and the two reconcile. With Aswad’s support, she completes her degree and both husband and wife begin a new life

About the Author of the book:

Umera Ahmed is Pakistan’s leading urdu romantic novels pdf Writer. Umera Ahmed was born on December 10 in Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan. She got her early education in Gujranwala. She later obtained her MA in English from Murray College, Sialkot.

Umera Ahmed is a school teacher. She has been teaching middle and secondary students at Army Public School Sialkot. But since she wanted to make a career as a writer. So she quit his job as a school teacher and started writing regularly as a novelist and screenwriter. She mostly wrote for Urdu Digest.

Unfortunately, Umera Ahmed suffered a lot in the early stages of her life. Umera Ahmed had no brother. He had two more sisters in his family.

His father decided to remarry as he did not have a son. He left behind Umera’s mother and her two other sisters. Umera Ahmed has mentioned this bitter period of her life in her first urdu novel free download, Zindagi Gulzar Hai.

Umera says that the character of the Kashaf lady in this novel is actually herself. She started writing at an early age. Later she started writing urdu books pdf free download regularly for publishers.

She has written more than thirty urdu romantic novels and pdf books in total. Most of them are Urdu novels. Umera has also written dramas for television. On some of her stories in urdu pdf, Television drama Series were also made on it.

Hum Kahan kay Sachay Thay Novel pdf free Download:

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