Humsafar novel by Farhat Ishtiaq

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Humsafar novel by Umera Ahmed


Writer: Farhat Ishtiaq


Humsafar novel in Urdu pdf By Farhat Ishtiaq is a famous Urdu novel. The author of this novel is Farhat Ishtiaq a well-known novelist and author of several books.

In this novel, the author portrays the cases of a rift in relationships. Fractures in relationships lead to misunderstandings and differences. This Urdu novel was published in the form of episodes in Women’s Digest.

It was later published in book form after the episodes were completed. We have made a TV drama series based on the story of this novel which has gained great popularity.

Humsafar Novel full story in Urdu:

The story of the novel revolves around three characters. The names of these characters are Khird, Asher, and Hareem. These people have faced many difficulties in life. He has always faced difficulties with courage. The main character of the story Khurd is the only child of his parents. Hareem’s father dies and his mother is single-handedly raising him.

A new test begins for Hareem when he learns that his mother is suffering from cancer and will not live long in this world. Her disease is in the last stage and she is living the last days of her life. Hareem’s mother is very worried about her future. His mother calls his brother Basirat Hussain to her.

Basirat Hussain is a businessman and resides in a nearby town. When he comes to know about his sister’s illness, he is very worried. He had not seen his sister for a long time. Basirat Hussain decides to take responsibility for his niece. He arranges the marriage of his niece to his son. Thus these two cousins ​​get married.


Humsafar novel is a collection of romance; suspense and horror. There are many characters in the novel. The character of Hareem is very impressive in the story.

About the Author of the Book:

Farhat Ishtiaq is a renowned Pakistani novelist, short story Writer, and screenwriter. She was born on 23 June 1980. Farhat Ishtiaq is a well-known Urdu language novelist, writer, and screenwriter. She writes mostly about Pakistani society. Farhat Ishtiaq is primarily a civil engineer and has a master’s degree in civil engineering.

In 2005 he decided to leave the engineering field and pursue a career as a writer. He has written many famous novels including, Hum Safar, Mataa Jan Hai To, and Mere Hamdam Mere Dost, which are his famous novels of her.

Her urdu novel, Humsafar, won him the Best Writer award. She has won the Best Writer award for his book Diar e dil. Her novel Udari has also become a drama serial for which he has been given the award for best writer.

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