Inteqam E Ishq Romantic Novel by Maheen Malik

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Inteqam E Ishq Romantic Novel by Maheen Malik

Book Name: Inteqam e Ishq

The Writer: Maheen Malik

Maheen Malik Novels:

Inteqam e Ishq is a masterpiece novel written by Maheen Malik which has gained great popularity among the readers of Urdu literature. This novel is a wonderful combination of story, romance, horror, and adventure. It is a love story of a young businessman. He had no interest in women before.

He considered making friends and having relationships with girls a futile exercise and a waste of time. But now there is a sudden and surprising change in his mood and personality. He unexpectedly offers a girl friendship and marriage. This seems to be completely against his mood and thinking.

The main character of the story of the novel is a decent young boy named Aryan Malik. He is a successful businessman who owns many factories. He has a good-looking personality and size which makes young girls very attracted to him.

Inteqam E Ishq Novel by Maheen Malik PDF:

But he has no interest in making girlfriends and spending time with them. He lives far away from the life of luxury. He is planning to build a big business group in the future and is concentrating on his business to realize his dreams and achieve his goals.

In recent days, Aryan has met a beautiful girl whose name is Hayam Durrani. This girl is a representative of a Bayer company and has come to visit their factory. Aryan unexpectedly falls under the spell of this girl’s personality.

He is involuntarily interested in this girl. Until he has even offered friendship and marriage to this girl. Hayam Durrani is also surprised by Aryan’s unexpected behavior. He is very upset and feels insulted.

Introduction of the author of the novel:

Mahin Malik is a new and young novel writer in the Urdu language. She has been writing short stories and novels for Doshiza Digest and Hijab Digest. She mostly writes social romantic novels. The best feature of her books is that her prose quality is very high and the novels are of high quality.

The stories are of very high quality. Mahin Malik’s novels are primarily published in the form of episodes on his social media pages. His style of writing is very charming, standard, and common sense. The rural backgrounds of the stories and the simple lifestyle are the hallmarks of his writing style. She has written dozens of novels so far.

Maheen Malik Novels List:

  1. Inteqam e Ishq
  2. Rooh e Ishqam
  3. Meray Ho Ke Raho
  4. Hisar e Mohabbat
  5. Qismat Yari
  6. Pakeeza Mohabbat
  7. Salam e Ishq
  8. Wajib ul Mohabbat

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Inteqam E Ishq Romantic Novel by Maheen Malik:

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