Ishq Ya Mohabbat  by Zunaira Shah

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Ishq Ya Mohabbat by Zunaira Shah

Book Name: Ishq Ya Mohabbat

The Writer: Zunaira Shah

Introduction of the Novel:

Ishq Ya Mohabbat is a popular social romantic Urdu novel written by a new female Urdu novelist, Zunaira Shah. It is a romantic story of a girl who has lost her love due to her adherence to family traditions and customs.

She is a girl with modern ideas who wants to live her own life. But the elders of her family are very strict people who are against the freedom of women. This girl’s parents want to marry her to her cousin but she is not willing to marry this boy.

She likes one of her classmate boys and wants to marry him. It is a social romantic Urdu novel that is very liked and appreciated by the young generation. Zunaira Shah writes mostly social romantic novels. She writes these novels for various local Urdu digests.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The story of this Urdu novel is about an innocent and beautiful girl named Meshaal. She is an educated and modern-thinking girl who is a strong supporter of the modern lifestyle. His family members are conservative and religious-minded.

They shy away from allowing women to go out of the house and do shopping, and sightseeing. Mashaal’s family is very rich and prosperous and has all the necessary facilities for life. She has only one problem she is not allowed to go out of the house and have fun.

Due to this problem, she is very disturbed. Mashaal’s parents engaged her to her cousin Affan in her childhood. Affan is a highly educated and intelligent young man who treats her very lovingly.

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Affan’s morals and love impressed her. She does not find this boy suitable for marriage. She likes her classmate boy Muneeb very much and wants to marry him. Mashaal is engaged to Affan. Muneeb doesn’t know about that. Lee is communicating with his parents.

Soon Affan comes to know that Mashaal likes Muneeb and is in love with him. She is planning to end her relationship with Affan and get married to Muneeb in the future. she asks her parents to end her relationship with Meshaal. 

The ending of the story of this novel is very tragic and sad. The author of the novel wants to tell us that forced marriages are not successful, so young boys and girls should be allowed to marry as they wish. Parents should avoid forced marriages.

Because forced marriages do not succeed. Such marriages not only lead to differences between the two families but also permanently break the ties between the families.

Introduction of the author of the novel:

Zunaira Shah is a famous female novelist of the Urdu language and literature. She belongs to Karachi city and has the best skill in writing Urdu short stories and novels. Zunaira mostly writes social romantic Urdu novels for Urdu digests. She is the author of many super-hit social romantic novels.

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