Jo Bache Hain Sang Samait Lo Novel

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Jo Bache Hain Sang Samait Lo Novel

Jo Bache Hain Sang Samait Lo 

Writer: Farhat Ishtiaq


The author of the online novel reading Urdu, Jo bachay hain sang samait lo, is Farhat Ishtiaq who is a well-known author of Urdu literature.

This is a romantic love story of a couple. The story has been published in episodes for several months in the monthly Women’s Digest. The Urdu novel pdf free download was later published in the form of a storybook. The title of this story is taken from the ghazal of the famous Urdu poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Farhat Ishtiaq always writes romantic Urdu novels pdf free download offline full of beauty and romance. An example of this is the Urdu novel under review. Farhat Ishtiaq writes a story that touches the heart. She makes the readers of the novel her fans with her storytelling skills.

Summary and Characters of the Novel:

The main characters in the story of this Urdu novel pdf free download 2021 are Sikandar and Lisa. Alexander is a lawyer by profession and lives alone at home. He suffers from insomnia, which makes him very anxious. He has recently arrived in Rome, Italy on a visit visa. Here he meets an Italian girl named Lisa.

Lisa is a beautiful girl and her temperament is very friendly. She is very impressed with Sikandar’s personality and offers to be his friend. But Sikandar has no interest in making friends with girls. He rejects Liza’s offer. She insists on befriending him. At Lisa’s insistence, he accepts the offer. Sikandar is a confused and depressed man suffering from various diseases. Lisa has lit a lamp of hope in the darkness of her life. Impressed by her loving words, Sikandar decides to make her his life partner.

Lisa and Sikandar’s couple is very beautiful. Because of Lisa, spring has come from autumn in Sikandar’s life. He considers himself one of the luckiest people in the world. Finding a good life partner has added beauty, charm, and spring to her life. This is a wonderful best Pakistani novels in Urdu pdf download book of Urdu literature which deals with the feelings and emotions of two lovers’ ۔

About the Author of the Book:

The writer of this top 10 Urdu romantic novel is Farhat Ishtiaq, a renowned Pakistani novelist, Writer, and screenwriter. She was born on 23 June 1980. Farhat Ishtiaq is a well-known Urdu language novelist, writer, and screenwriter. She writes mostly about Pakistani society. Farhat Ishtiaq is primarily a civil engineer and has a master’s degree in civil engineering. In 2005 he decided to leave the engineering field and pursue a career as a writer.

He has written many hot and bold Urdu novels pdf free downloads, Hum Safar, Mataa Jan Hai To, and Mere Hamdam Mere Dost, are his famous best Urdu novels pdf downloads.

Her long Urdu novels pdf download, Humsafar, won him the Best Writer award. He has won the Best Writer award for his book Diar e dil. Her novel Udari has also become a drama serial for which he has been given the award for best writer.

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