Jungle Udas Hai Novel By A Hameed  Pdf

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Jungle Udas Hai Novel

Jungle Udas Hai Novel By A Hameed  Pdf download

Writer:  A . Hameed

 Jangal Udas Hai By A Hameed is a socio-romantic story Urdu novel. The author of this novel story is a famous novelist and short story writer A. Hameed. This novel story is from the time when Pakistan was formed. The Muslims of India were striving hard for freedom in those days.

Meanwhile, a loving couple was striving to find their love. This novel is a description of the love story of this loving couple. Initially, the novel was published in the form of episodes in a digest. After the completion of the episodes, the novel was published in book form.

Story of the Novel:

This Urdu novel tells the love story of 1940. This story is about a boy who is in love with a girl. In the upheavals of the partition of India, people’s houses have been destroyed, people are worried about building their own houses and migrating to the new homeland.

The law and order situation is also very bad, riots and killings are happening everywhere. But this boy is struggling to find his beloved regardless of this situation. The boy’s name is Numan and his girlfriend’s name is Shabana.

Jungle Udas hay complete Pdf:

Shabana also loves her beloved Noaman very much. As soon as the creation of Pakistan was announced, people started migrating to the new homeland. Shabana’s family was also among those who emigrated.

People were leaving their homes and properties and going to a new country empty-handed. Many people were traveling on foot in caravans. Shabana and her family members were also going to the new homeland on foot in these caravans.

Rioters were attacking the caravans and looting them. The gangsters kidnapped many girls. Many young boys were killed resisting the rioters.

Even in such disturbing circumstances, Numan was ready to leave his house, property, and family to go with his beloved. He had to face many challenges to get Shabana. But he persisted in his decision because he truly loves Shabana. He is ready to make the biggest sacrifice for Shabana.

The story of this Urdu novel is very romantic and full of suspense. The story of the novel is very lively. Once the reader of the novel starts reading the story of the novel, he continues to read it. And leaves the book when he reads the entire novel. If you are fond of reading such classical and socio-romantic novels, then this novel is for you.

About the Author of the Book:

A Hameed was a famous Pakistani novelist, short story writer, journalist, and playwright. He was born in April 1928 in Amritsar, Punjab, India. The author received his primary education in his native city Amritsar. He started writing in childhood.

After the creation of Pakistan, he settled in Lahore city. Lahore was the center of knowledge and literature in the world and he got a lot of guidance to do literary work. He has written more than a hundred books on Urdu fiction apart from novels.

He was also an excellent dramatist. The children’s drama Aynak wala jin written by him became very popular in the mid-1990s. This drama was telecasted on Pakistan Television for many years. Following is the description of the famous novels of A. Hameed.

A Hameed Books List:

  • Rangoon Say Farar
  • Peela Udas Chand
  • Bharat Kay Firon
  • Watan Kay Sarfarosh
  • Barish Samawar Khushboo
  • Asaib Zada Taboot

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