Madarij Un Nabuwat By Sheikh Abdul Haq Dehlvi Pdf

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Madarij un Nabuwat by Sheikh Abdul Haq

Madarij un Nabuwat by Sheikh Abdul Haq  Dehlvi Pdf

Writer:  Sheikh Abdul Haq Dhelvi

Madarij-ul-Nabuwat Urdu is an excellent book on the subject of Seerat-ul-Nabi. The author of this book is the famous Muhaddith, and Hanafi Sunni scholar, Sheikh Abdul Haq Muhaddith Dehlavi. The original book is in Persian language and it has been translated into Urdu by Maulana Ghulam Moinuddin Naimi.

There are two volumes of this book and Sheikh Abdul Haq Dehlavi has written this book in a very charming way. In the first volume of the book, Hazrat Sheikh has described in detail the circumstances and events that took place before the birth of the Holy Prophet.

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Among these events are the collapse of the palaces of Caesar Rome, the burning of the fire in Iran, and the falling of idols on their faces. Apart from other events, in the first volume of the book, Sheikh has also narrated the incident of Badshah Taba Hamiri.

This king had read the good news about the Holy Prophet being born in Makkah and migrating to Madinah in the Torah and the Gospel. He had absently become a great fan and devotee of the Holy Prophet. He left his palace and made his home in the city of Madinah and waited for the arrival of the Holy Prophet.

Sheikh Abdul Haq Muhaddis Dehlvi Dooks in Urdu Pdf

In the last days of his life, he wrote a letter to the Holy Prophet and sealed it and entrusted it to his children, and bequeathed it to be delivered to the Holy Prophet. The second volume of this book covers the important events of the Holy Prophet’s life.

The events of your childhood life are mentioned when you were brought up in the house of Halima Sadia. Apart from this, the expulsion of Quraysh, the oath of fudul, and other events before the declaration of Prophethood, is included. T

he events of the important wars that took place after the declaration of Prophethood, including the events of the Battle of Badr, the Battle of Uhud, and the Battle of the Trench are covered.

In the second volume of the book, the events of the Battle of Khyber, the salient features of the state of Madinah established by the Holy Prophet, and his Farewell Sermon are also covered.

About the Author:

Sheikh Abdul Haq Muhaddith Dehlavi was a famous Indian scholar, muhaddith, jurist, and Sufi saint. He was born in the year 1551 in Delhi, the capital city of India. He received his primary education from different madrasas of the city from different teachers. After studying Islamic studies, he went to Makkah to perform Hajj.

The writer studied Hadith Sharif, Hanafi jurisprudence, and Sufism from famous scholars there. After that, the author came back to Delhi city and started teaching students in his Madrasah. He taught students for fifty years in a Madrasa in Delhi city. During this time, the series of authored books also continued.

Urdu Books of Abdul Haq Mohaddis Dehlavi :

He gained great respect among scholars by authoring the famous book Madaraj-ul-Nubat about the life history of the Holy Prophet. Apart from this, his main research work is the translation of Arabic books of Hadith into the Persian language.

He did an important feat of promoting the knowledge of Hadith by including the famous books of Hadith, Sahih Bukhari, and Muslim, in the educational curriculum of madrasas. Following are the details of his famous books.

Books of Sheikh Abdul Haq

  • Sharh Mishkwat Sharif
  • Akhbar Al-Akhyar
  • History of Medina
  • Zabdata tul -Asar
  • Tohfa e Asna Ashria
  • Tarjama Bukhari in Persian
  • Tarjma Muslim In Persian
  • Madaraj un NabuwatThe best pdf document of the Urdu Islamic book, Madaraj un Nabuwat is available on Sheikh Abdul Haq our site Urdu Virtual Library for our visitors to study. For information on how to download the book in PDF format and to read it offline on your computer or smartphone, visit the download link.

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