Makashfah tul Qaloob tasawwaf in urdu

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Book Name:  Makashfah tul Qaloob  urdu tasawwaf books pdf

 Writer:  Imam Muhammad Ghazali


Imam Muhammad Ghazali is the author of the urdu tasawwaf books pdf Maqashfah tul Qaloob. This tasawwaf book in urdu is written on the subject of Sufism and ethics. Imam Ghazali is a famous Sufi, Islamic scholar, philosopher, and theologian of Islam.

In this tasawwaf book in urdu, Imam explained the purpose of the creation of man, the purpose of the creation of the universe. In the Islamic books in urdu pdf free download Sunni, where he deems it necessary, he gives arguments from the Holy Qur’an, the Prophetic Hadith, and the sayings of the Companions.

Makashfah tul Qaloob tasawwaf in urdu

He has identified moral diseases in the urdu books pdf free download Islamic and suggested treatment for these diseases. The original book is in Arabic. The book under review has been translated into the best urdu Islamic books pdf free download by Mufti Taqdis Ali Khan Barelvi. Apart from Urdu, the book has been translated into Hindi, English, Persian, Punjabi, Sindhi, and Balochi languages.

Imam al-Ghazali has discussed the following topics of Sufism and ethics in this Islamic book in urdu free download pdf.

Makashfah tul Qaloob tasawwaf in urdu

  • The purpose of the creation of the universe
  • The purpose of the creation of man
  • The virtue of patience
  • Statement of the virtue of trust.
  • Statement of Condemnation of Arrogance
  • The intercession of the Holy Prophet
  • Statement of Resurrection Day
  • Statement of Paradise and its blessings.
  • Statement of Hell
  • Statement of Barzakhi life.
  • Statement of tombstones
  • Mention of the coming of the Antichrist
  • Mention of the earth
  • Signs of the Hour
  • The virtue of the Sufi class
  • The virtue of asceticism and piety
  • Statement of the glory of the Companions
  • Statement condemning hypocrisy
  • Condemnation of humility
  • Statement condemning miserliness
  • Statement of balance
  • Statement of reckoning
  • Statement of Hauz e   Kausar
  • Statement of the instability of the world
  • The virtue of generosity
  • Jihad for the sake of Allah
  • Jihad by self
  • Condemnation of Fake Sophia
  • Statement of the glory of the scholars
  • Statement of condemnation of worldly scholars
  • Statement of the Glory of Ahlul Bayt

About the Author of the book:

Imam Muhammad Ghazali was born in the city of Toos in Iran. His father died in his childhood. Before his death, his father entrusted the children to his friend. He studied Islamic studies at Nizamiya University.

The writer was a great mystic, intellectual, scholar, theologian, and philosopher. The author wrote many Islamic urdu books pdf free downloads on Sufism, philosophy, and ethics. Due to his scholarly ability, his fame spread throughout the Islamic world. From the Islamic School of Thought, he preferred and adopted the jurisprudence of Imam Shaafi.

Makashfah tul Qaloob tasawwaf in urdu

He took spiritual allegiance to Sheikh Bu Ali Farmadi and received esoteric bounties and blessings from him.

He strongly condemned the philosophical views of Aristotle and Plato.

In contrast, he interpreted philosophical ideas in a modern way. These ideas were well appreciated by senior Islamic scholars. Especially in the field of philosophy, his books became world famous. He used to give fatwas according to the jurisprudence of Imam Shafi’i.

This great scholar, philosopher, and Sufi of the Islamic world passed away on December 19, 1111.

Research Work, Books of Author:

Details of his urdu Islamic books pdf free download.

are given below.

  • ۔ Al manqad al-Dhalal
  • Thahafa tul philasfa
  • ۔ Ahya ul Aloom
  • Keemya e Saadat
  • Maqasid ul Filaspha
  • . Fatawa Ghazali
  • . Minhaj-ul-Abidin
  •  Maqashifa tul Qaloob
  • Al Iqtisaad
  •  Jawahar-ul-Quran
  •  Meezan ul Amal
  • Naseehat ul Malook
  • Asaas ul Qayaas
  • Research Work, Books of Author:

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