Mata e Jaan Hai Tu Novel By Farhat Ishtiaq

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Mata e Jaan Hai Tu Novel By Farhat Ishtiaq

Mata e Jaan Hai Tu

The Writer: Farhat Ishtiaq

Mata e Jaan Hai Tu Novel By Farhat Ishtiaq  is a social and romantic Urdu novel. The writer of this novel is the famous female Urdu novelist Farhat Ishtiaq. This novel is a love story of a young couple. The author introduces us to the love story of this couple and its depth. This Urdu novel was published in 2010.

This novel is loved by the readers because of its high story, excellent characters, and excellent writing style. Due to the immense popularity of the novel, the Hum TV channel decided to make a drama series based on its story. Hum TV channel made this drama series with the same name. Famous artists worked in it. 

Mata e Jan hay tu Novel Summary:

If we review this Urdu novel, Muta Jaan Hai Tu, it has two main characters. Their names are Ibad and Haniya. He lives in the US and is studying at Columbia University there. He is graduating from there. Both boys and girls study in the same class. They both like each other and want to get married. Ibad’s father wants to marry him to a girl of his relatives.

Ibad does not agree to marry the girl of his relatives. He likes Hania and is determined to marry her. Ibad loves Hania very much. He cannot even think of breaking up with her. Finally, Ibad gets married to Haniya. His father strictly forbade him to marry Hania but he did what his heart told him to do.

His family refuses to accept him and his wife for marrying off his own free will and choice. They cut off family ties with him. Man’s natural desire is to be treated with love and affection by all. All of us want to live in such a world. But we face a lot of negative attitudes, hateful behavior, and opposition in real life.

Mata e Jan hay tu Novel Part 1:

 After reading the story of Ibad, you will feel sorry for him. You will have feelings of sympathy for him. His story is very inspiring. After reading this novel, the following issues come to our minds. First, parents impose their decisions on their children about their marriages. They do not agree at all to give children the right to marry of choice.

There was a time when children respected their parents’ decision about their marriage. Now it is not like that at all they don’t care about their parents’ displeasure with their choice.


Mata e Jan hai tu is the best romantic novel in Urdu literature. In the story of the novel, there are many characters. 

About the Author of the Book:

Farhat Ishtiaq is a renowned Pakistani novelist, short story Writer, and screenwriter. She was born on 23 June 1980. Farhat Ishtiaq is a well-known Urdu language novelist, writer, and screenwriter.  She writes mostly about Pakistani society.

Farhat Ishtiaq is primarily a civil engineer and has a master’s degree in civil engineering. In 2005 he decided to leave the engineering field and pursue a career as a writer. He has written many famous novels including, Hum Safar, Mataa Jan Hai To, and Mere Hamdam Mere Dost, are his famous novels of her.

Her urdu novel, Humsafar, won him the Best Writer award. She has won the Best Writer award for his book Diar e dil. Her novel Udari has also become a drama serial for which he has been given the award for best writer.

Farhat Ishtiaq books:

  • Mata e Jan Hai Tu
  • Bin Roayay Ansoo
  • Humsafar
  • Diyar e Dil
  • Udari

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