Mazaidaar Chinese Khanay urdu pdf books

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Book Name: Mazaidaar Chinese Khanay Chinese dishes urdu cooking book

Writer:  Shahbaila Tariq


This book containing recipes for Chinese food recipes book pdf free download is written by Shah Bela Tariq. The recipes of traditional Chinese food are explained in detail in this Chinese cookbook pdf. China is an emerging Asian superpower. Due to this, Chinese culture, language, food, clothing, and arts are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Chinese people are living everywhere in the world. Chinese restaurants are booming there.

People from all over the world and people who speak all languages ​​come to eat at these restaurants.

Mazaidaar Chinese Khanay urdu pdf books

This Chinese cookbook mentions the following Chinese food recipes pdf free download.

  • Velvet Chicken Corn Soup
  • Chinese Rice
  • Noodles soup
  • Chicken soy sauce
  • Chinese plow
  • Tomato Kebab
  • Chicken Roll
  • Fish ball soup
  • Liver and tomato
  • Thai soup
  • Almonds and chicken
  • Cream and cabbage
  • Lemon Fish
  • Vegetable Rice

About the Author of the Book:

Shah Bela Tariq is in the cooking profession. She has written this urdu cooking books free download pdf for the guidance of housewives.

She says the، purpose of writing her fast food recipes book in urdu pdf is to help a less-educated housewife cook and support her family. This Pakistani food recipe in the urdu book is a great gift for college student girls, home economics students, and ordinary women.

With the help of this book, even a clumsy woman can become a great cook.

Mazaidaar Chinese Khanay urdu pdf books

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