Mehram E Junoon Novel by Mahnoor Shehzad

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Mehram E Junoon Romantic Novel by Mahnoor Shehzad

Book Name: Mehram E Junoon

The Writer: Mahnoor Shehzad

Romantic Urdu Novels:

Mehram E Junoon Romantic Novel by Mahnoor Shehzad is a social novel in the Urdu language that has gained immense popularity in recent times. The author of this novel is a new female novelist Mahnoor Shahzad. It is a romantic and social story with a total of six hundred pages.

This digest serial novel was published in a local monthly digest. Now, this novel story has been printed in book form and is easily available in the market. The story of novel is about a boy and a girl who love each other very much.

They have known and liked each other for a long time. Now they want to get married but their parents are strongly against their marriage. Due to this they are very worried and are trying to get permission from their parents for marriage.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The story of this novel is about a loving couple who are facing a lot of difficulties to find their love. The boy belongs to a rich and prosperous family so his family arranges his marriage to a rich family. But the boy is determined to marry his girlfriend. The boy’s father is a big businessman who deals in the import and export business. His monthly income is several lakhs of rupees and he is making new plans to promote his business.

The girl belongs to a poor family and her father works in a local textile factory. Their income is very low and They go through very difficult times. However, the girl’s father has given his daughter higher education.

They are very simple and polite people who live in a rented house in another corner of the city. Due to her insistence on the marriage of her choice, the boy’s father has stopped her financial support due to which she is facing financial difficulties.

He is a young graduate who has recently completed his BS degree from the university and is looking for a job. He has decided that he will make any kind of sacrifice to get his love.

Mehram E Junoon Novel by Mahnoor Shehzad:

He defies family restrictions to marry her friend. The boy is determined to pay any price to marry his choice and love instead of getting married in the traditional way. He doesn’t care about the opposition from his family and he is determined to make his dreams come true.

The guy is rejecting all family traditions. He has sent a message to the girl’s parents to prepare for the marriage and has also contacted a lawyer to deal with legal restrictions on marriage. He plans to have a court marriage. And he has noted the necessary information to the lawyer to complete the necessary documents.

Author’s Introduction:

Mahnoor Shehzad is a new female Urdu novelist whose Urdu novels are becoming very popular. Mah Noor belongs to Lahore city and she is a graduate of the Lahore University of Management Sciences. Mah Noor wrote novels while studying She started his career.

She has written superhit novels for several monthly digests. These include Paqeezah, Haqayat, and Salam-e-Ras Digest. Muharram Jinnu is her high-quality novel which has been published in the form of episodes in Shuya Digest.

Apart from novels, she also writes Urdu short stories which are published in various magazines. He is also continuing his studies while writing a novel. Currently, she is a student of MS in Business Administration from Forman Christian University.

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