Mera Bakht by Sehar Sajid PDF

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Mera Bakht by Sehar Sajid PDF

Book Name: Mera Bakht

The Writer: Sehar Sajjad

Introduction of the Novel:

Mera Bakht is a beautiful and super-hit Urdu novel. The author of this novel is Sehar Sajid, a new female novelist of Urdu literature. This is a short social romance novel with a total of two hundred pages. This story depicts the feelings of love of people who could not fulfill their dreams on the path of love.

They wandered in the paths of love. But they still continue to fight for their love. This is a digest serial novel, after the publication of its first episode, its fame spread among the readers of Urdu literature. Sehar Sajid has written only a few novels, but the quality of the novels written by him is somehow one.

No less than a professional and experienced writer. She has been able to make a name for herself in academic and literary circles. She has a large number of fans who love her writing style and unique style of narration.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

The main character of the story of this novel is a girl named Bakht. She is an innocent and beautiful girl. Her family is a conservative religious family. These people strongly believe in veiling women and forbid women to go out of the house. Bakht has studied up to matriculation and is a bright student.

Bakht wants to get admission to the college for further higher education after matriculation. She wants to become a software engineer after pursuing an advanced degree in computer science. But family elders keep her away from home and Forbidden to pursuing further education. She is deeply depressed by the feeling of deprivation of educational opportunities.

A young man living in Bakht’s neighborhood has been his classmate in his school. He is a polite and well-mannered boy. His parents are very polite and respectable people. Bakht is very fond of this boy and has expressed her desire to marry him to her parents. His parents have flatly refused to listen to him.

Mera Bakht  Novel by Sehar Sajid PDF:

He says that he will marry his daughter to a rich family. The boy whom Bakht wishes to marry belongs to the middle class. They spend their time doing menial jobs and live in a low-class house. Not getting positive responses from their parents. Bakht is very much in shock.

She is forced by the traditions of her family to see her dreams come true. Her parents and other family members are trying to convince her that they will marry her to a boy from a big and rich family where she will live a life of luxury. So she should not be sad and should respect the decision of her parents.

Introduction of the author of the novel:

Sehar Sajid is a popular female novelist of the Urdu language and literature. She has been writing novels for Salam Arz digest for a long time. Sehar often writes social romantic novels on the real social stories of our country. She is a supporter of women’s rights in our society. Sehar has written dozens of urdu novels for the readers of Pakistan.

Sehar Sajid Novels List:

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Mera Bakht  Novel by Sehar Sajid Pdf download :

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Mera Bakht by Sehar Sajjad Pdf

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