Mitwa Romantic Novel Complete by Binte  Masood

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Mitwa Romantic Novel Complete by Binte Masood

Book Name:  Mitwa Urdu Novel

Writer:  Bint e Masood

Bint e Masood Novels:

Mitwa Romantic Novel by Binte  Masood is a romantic and social Urdu novel that has been very popular in recent times. The author of this novel is Bint e Masood, a well-known female novelist of the Urdu language. Episodes of this novel were published in a monthly digest for several months.

Now this novel is generally available in book form in the market. If you like to read romantic Urdu novels, then you will definitely like this novel. It is a beautiful story with very lively characters and a very strong story.

It is a long novel with a total of about a thousand pages. The story of this novel highlights the importance of relationships for a happy life.

Summary of the Novel:

Aira is the main character of the story of this novel. She is a serious girl and rarely talks. Aira’s parents died when she was a child and she faced many hardships in her life. After the death of her parents, she was raised by her maternal uncle had taken She is still living in his mother’s house.

She is a bright student who has been passing through school life with top marks and first position in her class. Right now she is graduating from university and her performance in class is outstanding. According to her teachers, she is a very intelligent and capable girl.

Aira wants to become a school teacher in the future, so she has opted for a BS Education degree. She has been offered a scholarship by the university to study in Scotland and wants to go to Scotland to pursue higher education. But his mother is strongly against sending him abroad for education.

Mitwa Novel Complete by Binte Masood PDF:

Aira is very disturbed and heartbroken by Mamani’s negative behavior. She wants to go abroad to study anyway, but her mother-in-law is not at all ready to accept her. Aira’s classmate Ali offers her support to study abroad, which she happily accepts. Many of Ali’s relatives have been living in Scotland for a long time.

At Ali’s request, he has promised to help Ayra admission to Scotland’s university and help her with accommodation. Aira is very happy and grateful for his positive response. She is very impressed by Ali’s personality and friendly attitude and falls in love with him.

Aira offers him friendship and promises to be together forever. She tells Ali that she will never forget his kindness and will always be kind to him.

About the Author of the Book:

Bint e Masood is a well-known story writer and novelist of the Urdu language. She mostly writes romantic novels. Monthly Salam Ra’s Digest published this novel. Readers of Urdu literature call him their favorite novelist. She has written good Urdu novels in the past.

Her novels are as follows.

  • Hub
  • Roshan Zeesat Tum Meri

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