Mughal e Azam Novel By Aslam Rahi MA Pdf

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Mughal e Azam Novel By Aslam Rahi

Mughal e Azam Novel By Aslam Rahi MA Pdf Download

Writer:  Aslam Rahi

 Mughal e Azam is an Urdu historical fiction novel. The author of this novel is the famous novelist and historian Aslam Rahi. The story of this novel covers the important events of Mughal Emperor Akbar’s life, war exploits, and conquests.

Summary /Story of the Novel:

The Mughal Empire of India has been considered one of the great empires in the world. Likewise, the Mughal Emperor Akbar Azam is also considered one of the most important conquerors and rulers in history. At the beginning of Mughal rule, India was not such a big state.

The Mughal rulers, by their political acumen, by their conquests, and by making treaties with the smaller states, brought them together and turned India into a great empire. Apart from being a great general, Akbar was also an excellent ruler and administrator.

Mughal e Azam Complete Novel by Aslam Rahi MA:

He was not an educated or trained ruler. After his father’s death, he took control of the government at the age of just thirteen. He not only excelled in commanding the army but also played a very positive role in inter-religious harmony.

Despite being a minor king, he chose an able team of advisers who guided him a lot going forward. Thanks to the guidance of these advisers, Akbar emerged as an excellent administrator, general, and leader.

Akbar announced the implementation of a Rajput policy to promote inter-faith tolerance to make his country powerful. According to this policy, the king married into all the Rajput tribes of India and established relations with them.

With this policy, he was blessed with a great victory in many wars. Rajput tribes actively participated in the wars and provided strong support to the Mughal Empire. Whenever the king announced a military campaign, the Rajput tribes would get ready for war. This made India a powerful empire and the Mughal emperor became a powerful king.

To gain political support and end religious differences, Akbar announced the establishment of Deen Elahi. The Ulama strongly resisted this program and made many efforts to bring it on the right path.

Especially Hazrat Mujadadi Alaf -Sani and his disciples played a very important role in bringing people who accepted Deen Ilya to the right path. Due to the resistance of the Ulama, Akbar’s Deen Ilyahi finally failed.

About the Author:

Aslam Rahi is a prominent novelist of Urdu literature. He is proficient in writing historical novels. Many of his novels got eternal fame. His famous novels include Tariq bin Ziyad, Yusuf bin Tashfin, Mughal Azam, Achhot, Hajjaj bin Yusuf, Atishparast, and Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi.

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