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Mushaf Novel By Nimra Ahmed

Mushaf Novel

Writer: Nimra  Ahmad


Mushaf’s Novel By Nimra Ahmed is a famous female novelist. This romantic urdu novels pdf free download of Nimrah Ahmed was published in Pakiza Digest in the form of episodes. It was later published in book form. It has been published by Ilm-o-Irfan Publishers in the year 2021. This book has been declared the best-selling book of the year 2021.

 Summary and Characters of the Novel:

The story of this online novel reading urdu revolves around a girl named Mahmal Ibrahim. Mahmal Ibrahim is an orphan girl who lives with her mother in a joint family system. Other family members refuse to give them rights. They do not want to give them a share of their property. He treats them both like slaves.

She is very beautiful. Mahmal’s cousin is very jealous of him. Many relatives make offers to get a mahmal relationship. But no one offered to marry her cousin. One day Mahmal meets a girl standing at the bus stop. This girl is carrying a book with a black cover and she is wearing a hijab.

The girl tells Mahamal that it is a magic book and it changes everyone’s life. She tells Mahamal that if you keep this book, the whole world will be in his hands. If you leave this book, you will gradually lose everything.

Hearing this, Mahmal’s interest in this book increases. Mahmal asked the girl the name of the book. When the girl told her that the book was called the Qur’an, she became very angry and frustrated because she thought it would be a magic book. Then an important event took place in Mahal’s life which changed his life. Mahal’s cousin Fawad loved him very much and he wanted to marry her. He was a very greedy and mean man.  Fawad was a criminal person.

Mushaf Novel Story Climax:

He was playing with the emotions of the Mahmal. The boy loved the mahmal but in fact, he was using it for his nefarious purposes. The author ensnared the mahmal in love and sold it to a luxurious man for a small amount of money. Fortunately, Mahal managed to escape and reached a madrassa. There she met a woman named Farishtay. She was a noblewoman. Inspired by his speech, Mahamal enrolled in a Qur’an recitation class at the madrassa.

For the next two years, she was busy reading and reciting the Qur’an. The recitation of the Qur’an changed his life for the better. Two years after his mother’s death, he married Humayun and had a son. Unfortunately, she had an accident and went into a coma. Fawad seduced Mahamal’s husband and his son against Mahamal. They both started hating Mahamal. This situation was created by Fawad who wanted to take revenge on Mahamal.

He separates both mother and son. Mahmal recites the Qur’an and prays to Allah to return her son. Her prayer is answered and her son returns to her. Farishtay woman marries Humayun. She has a son. After a while, his son becomes a scholar. Her life becomes very pleasant. This is where the story of urdu novels pdf free download by Nimra Ahmad ends. The only difference is that now there is a woman named mahmal who is holding the Qur’an in her hands and advising the frustrated people to seek guidance from the Qur’an.

About the Author of the Book:

Nimra Ahmad was born on 9 September 1990 in the Bhakkar District of Punjab. She received his early education in the city of Bhakkar and after that, he came to Lahore for higher education. Nimra received a master’s degree in English Literature from Government College University Lahore. –

The authoress is leading the best Pakistani novels in urdu pdf download Writer. She is a well-known female Urdu novelist from Pakistan. Readers of Urdu Digests love his top 10 urdu romantic novels.

Nimra has gained immense fame. Inspired by the famous Sufi intellectual and novelist Ashfaq Ahmad, she started writing short novels in urdu pdf download. She considers Ashfaq Ahmed as her spiritual leader. Nimra Ahmed started writing at the age of nine. He wrote his first story about King Queen and Princess.

At the age of sixteen, he started his professional career. He created many wonderful hot and bold Urdu novels and pdf free downloads that gained immense fame. Mairay Khawab Mairay Jugnu, the first of Nimra. His other famous romantic urdu novels pdf free download 2022 include Halm and Namal.

Books of Nimra Ahmad :

  • Pahari ka Qaidi
  • Qaraqaram ka Taj Mahal
  • Mala
  • Mashaf
  • Paras
  • Namal
  • Mairay Khawab Mairay Jugnu
  • Halim

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