Namal Complete Novel By Nimra Ahmed

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Namal Novel By Nimra Ahmed pdf

Namal Complete Novel

Writer: Nimra  Ahmed


Namal Complete Novel By Nimra  Ahmed Namal is a popular Urdu novel and the author of this online novel reading urdu is Nimra Ahmed. Khawateen Digest published this Urdu novel in the form of the episode. It was first published in book form in the year 2017.

It is a long novel with hundreds of pages. The name of this urdu novel pdf free download by Nimra Ahmad is taken from the Qur’an. The name of a surah of the Qur’an is Namal which means ant. This urdu romantic novels pdf consists of several parts.

Summary and Characters of the Novel:

The main idea of ​​this novel revolves around various murder cases. If we talk about the characters of this romantic urdu novels pdf free download offline, the main character of the novel is an intelligence officer. The name of this intelligence officer is Faris Ghazi. Faris Ghazi is arrested on false charges of murdering his half-brother and his wife. Due to this, he is facing a lot of difficulties.

Moreover, Faris Ghazi’s nephew’s efforts have led to his acquittal. Faris Ghazi was released from prison. When Faris Ghazi is released from prison, the story of murder and revenge begins on the day. All the characters in the story of this Urdu novel, Faris Ghazi, Zamir Yusuf, Hashim, and Saadi Yusuf are very impressive. Shahzeb Khan’s murder case and the NAB officer Kamran murder case inspired Nimrah Ahmed to write this novel.

Thus, she has chosen untouchable characters to write the novel.  Nimrah Ahmed is a high-profile novelist. She writes mostly real-life urdu novels pdf free download 2019.  Readers of Nimrah’s urdu novels pdf free download 2021 say that there is such magic in his novels that the reader goes on reading. Readers look forward to the next episodes of Nimrah’s urdu novels pdf free download 2020.

About the Author of the Book:

Nimra Ahmad was born on 9 September 1990 in the Bhakkar district of Punjab. He received his early education in the city of Bhakkar and after that, he came to Lahore for higher education. He received a master’s degree in English Literature from Government College University Lahore. 

In addition, Nimra Ahmad is leading the best Pakistani novels in urdu pdf download Writer. She is a well-known female Urdu novelist from Pakistan. Readers of Urdu Digests love his top 10 urdu romantic novels.

Nimra has gained immense fame. Inspired by the famous Sufi intellectual and novelist Ashfaq Ahmad, she started writing a short novel in urdu pdf download. She considers Ashfaq Ahmed as her spiritual leader. Nimra Ahmed started writing at the age of nine. He wrote his first story about King Queen and Princess.

At the age of sixteen, he started his professional career. He created many wonderful hot and bold Urdu novels and pdf free downloads that gained immense fame. Mairay Khawab Mairay Jugnu, the first of Nimra. His other famous romantic urdu novels pdf free download 2022 include Halm and Namal.

Books of Nimra Ahmad :

  • Pahari ka Qaidi
  • Qaraqaram ka Taj Mahal
  • Mala
  • Mashaf
  • Paras
  • Namal
  • Mairay Khawab Mairay Jugnu
  • Halim

Namal Complete Novel By Nimra Ahmed:

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