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Namkeen Panion Ka Safar By Munam Malik

Namkeen Panion Ka Safar

Writer: Munam Malik


Namkeen Panion Ka Safar By Munam Malik Pdf – Pdf Books Free Pk. It is a socio-romantic online novel reading Urdu that has become very popular. The novel was being published in the form of episodes in the monthly Women’s Digest. Recently, its last episodes are being published, after which it will soon be published in the form of a book and will be in the hands of the readers.

The story of this romantic Urdu novel pdf free download has been very much liked by the readers. The story of this Urdu novel online tells how many difficulties and hardships one has to face to make a connection. 

Summary and characters of the Novel:

The story of the Urdu novels pdf download revolves around a girl named Shumaila Khan. Shumaila Khan is a very elegant and beautiful girl Shumaila Khan She wants to go to the city for higher education but her father is a very strict man. He strongly opposes sending girls to college for higher education. 

Shumaila Khan’s friend was getting married. She asked her family members for permission to attend the wedding. Her father did not allow her to attend the wedding. She took her sister with her and went to attend her friend’s wedding. At the wedding, she met a boy named Khidr. Impressed by the boy’s personality, Shumaila fell in love with him. Khidr was also very impressed by Shumaila’s love.

When Shumaila’s family found out It turned out that Shumaila had fallen in love with a boy, so they imposed strict restrictions on her. She was stopped from going out of the house. Even out of the house for the most important tasks not allowed to go.

Shamaila Khan is very worried but she is fighting all odds. The story of this novel is very attractive and interesting. This forces the readers of the book to read the next episodes of the novel. In this novel, it is told that to follow the path of love there are many sacrifices to be made and there are great difficulties. Even close relatives become enemies of life.

About the Author of the book:

Manam Malik is Pakistan’s leading hot and bold Urdu novels pdf free download Writer. She is a story writer and works for different monthly digests including Shuaa and Khawateen digest. The writer is also working part-time as a story writer.  She is writing regularly for different Urdu weekly magazines like Family Magazine, Akhbar e Jahan, etc.

Manam Malik is a rising Urdu language novelist. Her best Urdu novels pdf downloads are gaining popularity among young students. The themes of Husna’s novels are romance and social issues. Her romantic Urdu novels pdf free download 2022 focus on Pakistan’s family system, women’s domestic life, and family traditions. Manam is a storytelling specialist.

Namkeen Panion Ka Safar By Munam Malik Pdf Download:

It is this uniqueness that sets him apart from other writers.  If you like to read her new Urdu novels 2021 pdf download, visit the website Search. I hope you will like this best-seller best Pakistani novel in Urdu pdf download and share it with your friends.

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