Noor-Ul-Quloob Novel (Complete) By Tanzeela Riaz PDF

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Noor-Ul-Quloob Novel (Complete) By Tanzeela Riaz PDF

Writer: Tanzila Riaz


Noor-ul-Quloob is a social, romantic, and spiritual novel. The author of this novel is female novelist Tanzeela Riaz. Tanzeela Riaz‘s novels are gaining a lot of popularity in recent times. The story of this novel is about those people who have failed in love but their failure has turned out to be a blessing for them. Because their relationship with Allah has been established.

Noor ul Quloob Novel Complete by Tanzila Riaz:

 They have absolutely no need for the world and the people of the world. They only want the love of Allah, neither the world nor the worldly things. Earlier he was struggling for Ishq Majazi but now he is a traveler of Ishq Haqiji. Virtual love is the ladder of real love.

This Urdu novel was published in the monthly Women’s Digest. In this digest, these stories were published in the form of episodes. After the completion of the episodes, it was published in book form. This novel book is having a record sale.

Noor ul Quloob Novel:

The main idea of ​​the story of this novel is how a person travels from virtual love to real love. Sometimes a person goes astray on the path of virtual love. In this way, he has to bear the immense disgrace. But sometimes a person turns from the path of virtual love to the path of real love. Man forgets all the comforts and comforts of the world and connects with Allah.

The main character of the story of this novel is a boy. This boy belongs to a prosperous family. He has all the comforts of life and is living a life of luxury. He is studying at a local college in the city.

Noor-Ul-Quloob Novel (Complete) By Tanzeela Riaz PDF

After passing, the Intermediate gets admission for graduation to the nearby university. He meets a girl from his classmate at the university.

He falls in love with this girl. The girl considers his love as a play to pass the time. He tells the girl that he truly loves her.  But the girl did not agree and rejected the offer. In the story of this novel, the author introduces the readers to a world where love is not just a union of bodies but it is a union of souls.

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About the Author of the Book:

Tanzila Riaz is a renowned Pakistani novelist, short story Writer, and screenwriter. She is a well-known Urdu language novelist, writer, and screenwriter. The writer writes romance novels. She writes mostly about Pakistani society.

She has been writing for different urdu digests including, Pakeeza Digest, Khawateen Digest, and Jasoosi Digests. Her novel Noor ul Quloob has also become a drama serial for which he has been given the award for best writer.

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