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Pakistan Naguzeer tha  pdf  by Syed Hassan Riaz

Pakistan Naguzeer Tha History Book

  Writer: Hassan Riaz


Pakistan Naguzeer tha pdf by Syed Hassan Riaz very authentic book on the subject of Pakistan’s history. The author of this book is Hassan Riaz. Unfortunately, very few books have been written about the history of Pakistan. Due to this, new research scholars have to face severe difficulties in getting material to research the subject.

History of Pakistan pdf:

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan was created as a result of the great political efforts of the Muslims of the subcontinent. This is such a surprising event in the history of the subcontinent that it will always be debated as to how this event happened. The entire world was strongly opposed to the partition of India, yet Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah surprised the world by accomplishing this feat.

After the end of the Mughal Empire from India, the Muslims faced severe economic difficulties. The doors of employment and education closed to their children. Donations and funding of Islamic schools were completely stopped. Because the British had taken away the government from the Muslims and the Muslims had resisted them vigorously. Therefore, the British took great revenge against the Muslims.

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To destroy the Muslims politically, economically, and educationally, they abolished all their institutions by withholding funds. Hindus who were earlier living as Muslim subjects in Islamic India were now very supportive of British rule. So the English government was providing them with all the privileges, and jobs.

Hindus were helping them in every possible way to strengthen the British government. This period was a period of suffering, distress, and severe economic depression for the Muslims. However, after the establishment of Pakistan, Muslims saw new hope for peace, prosperity, and progress.

The book under comment is a very important book on the history of Pakistan. The author of the book has provided a lot of valuable information on the subject. The book has given a great tribute to the political struggle of Muslim politicians and leaders.

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