Parizad Novel by Hashim Nadeem pdf

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Parizad Novel by Hashim Nadeem pdf

Book Name: Parizad  

Writer: Hashim Nadeem


Parizad Novel by Hashim Nadeem pdf is a book of urdu novel. This novel has gained a lot of popularity in Pakistan and a TV drama serial has also been made on it. Hashim Nadeem is the most popular novelist and screenwriter in Pakistan. Whose novels are gaining immense popularity? Several editions of his books are published and soon sold out.

This online novel reading urdu has all the features of a social, romantic ا, and tragic novel. In the story of this romantic urdu novels pdf free download, elements of suspense, fear, and romance have been brought together. The story of the urdu novels free download is very emotional, and tragic.

Parizad Novel Summary:

The story of this urdu novels pdf download revolves around a young man named Parizad. The family in which the child was born was very poor. The number of family members was twelve and the house system was running with great difficulty. The skin color of the Parizad was deep canola.

In our society, people of deep sanola color are considered ugly. The mother of this young man, due to the narrow-mindedness of society and to save her child from feeling inferior, gave her the name Pari Zad (meaning the son of the fairy). He continued to be ridiculed for his poor name. This gentleman Parizad is a very intelligent and hardworking student.

He works part-time after college to pay for his education and his family. Although he is poor, he is very intelligent, well-mannered, and obedient. But his family is still not satisfied. His family wants him to increase his income so that he can marry a girl from a good family while improving the conditions of the house.

Parizad Novel Summary by Hashim Nadeem pdf:

Parizad becomes a teacher to increase his income. He starts teaching the students in the neighborhood. Naheed is a girl living in her neighborhood and she is very beautiful. She is his regular student at the parizad.

Parizad teaches her very keen interest. The beauty, innocence, and simplicity of this woman impressed Parizad. He likes her very much and wants to marry her. But he can’t express his feelings to her. Apparently, she likes Parizad but in reality, there is no such thing. In fact, she likes her cousin Majid and wants to marry him.

Parizad becomes infamous in the neighborhood. Naheed disrespects him and says how you could think that a beautiful girl like me would marry an ugly boy like you?

This shocked Parizad deeply. He wants to get under the train and end his life. He goes to the railway station but he cannot commit suicide. At the railway station, he meets a boy named Ahmed Nawaz and they both become close friends. Ahmed Nawaz helps him a lot in poetry and thus becomes famous. But still, Parizad has to face the negative and harsh attitude of the people because of his black color.

Parizad Novel Story in English:

Another girl named Lubna comes into the life of Parizad. He likes her and wants to marry her. But due to poverty and hardships, he fails to get Lubna and thus Lubna marries another boy.

After this, a girl named Babli comes into the life of parizad. Parizad falls in love with her and wants to marry her. But she rejects his marriage offer and marries another boy.

Parizad meets Ustad Mastana who owns a workshop. Parizad starts working in Ustad Mastana’s workshop. Ustad Mastana is a God-fearing and compassionate man. He is fond of poetry and loves his children very much. He collects some money and sends him to Dubai for employment. Parizad sells his poetry to Ustad Mastana.

Parizad resides in Dubai with Rafiq, a relative of Ustad Mastana. In Dubai, he meets Behroz Ibrahim, a wealthy Indian businessman. Parizad’s nobility, simplicity, and honesty impressed Behroz. He keeps him as a bodyguard for his wife. Parizad is very impressed with the beauty and innocence of this woman. But she makes a fool of him and uses him. In fact, she is interested In her boyfriend. 

Parizad by Hashim Nadeem Summary 2:

Behroz is arrested by the police in Dubai for a serious crime and is sent to prison for a long time. Behroz gives all his wealth to Parizad and tells him to go back to his homeland Pakistan. Now people treat him with great respect. 

Parizad meets a girl named Aini. She is a real fan and admirer of his poetry. He plans a wedding with her. This woman loves Parizad and Parizad also starts falling in love with her. Parizad and the girl Aini were preparing for the wedding when Aini’s cousin Adnan puts a rift between them. He takes Aini with him under the pretext of eye surgery. 

Parizad goes to the railway station where he meets Faqira, Faqira is a devout man and a practitioner who benefits people by doing spiritual practice. Parizad begins to sit with this elder to spend time. So people consider him a Sufi and a Dervish and come to pray to him.

Parizad is fed up with the request for prayers of the people and leaves the city. Even in the new city, people start coming to him for prayers.

Now Parizad returns to his hometown. His health is very poor but he does not care about it. One day a girl came to him for special prayers. The girl was actually  Aini who was his ex-girlfriend, but she could not recognize Parizad.

When she found out about Parizad’s condition, she went to see him, but it was too late because Parizad had passed away.

About the Author of the Book:

The writer of this novel is Hashim Nadeem, a renowned Pakistani novelist, playwright, prose writer, poet, and film producer.

Hashim got his early education in Quetta and continued his studies at Cadet College, Pataro. He got his medical education from Bolan Medical College. As a novelist, He wrote masterpiece urdu novels for free download, like, Abdullah, Khuda Aur Mohabbat, Aik Mohabbat or sahi, and many other online novels reading urdu books.

As a film producer, he made eleven drama series and 27 telefilms. . The Urdu novels pdf download for which he has got awards includes the novels Khuda Aur Mohabbat, Aik Mohabbat Aur Sahi, and Abdullah. In addition to the Presidential Award for Performance, he also got the Bolan Award. Geo TV channel telecast his drama Khuda Aur Mohabbat. The drama has set a record for popularity.

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