Piya Naam Ka Diya by Bano Qudsia PDF

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Piya Naam Ka Diya By Bano Qudsia

Piya Naam Ka Diya Novel

Writer: Bano Qudsia

Piya Naam Ka Diya is a popular drama story. The author of the story of this play is the famous female novelist and short story writer Bano Qudsia. A TV channel has also made a TV series on the story of this play. The story of the drama is very wonderful which made this drama very popular. Fans of the drama say that the story of the drama is very strong, which is why it has received immense acclaim.

The author of the play has shown various social problems in this story. The writer has also added the element of romance to the story of this play. It is a socio-romantic story that sheds light on the harsh realities of life. The story makes clear the importance of relationships. Bano Qudsia tells the story that a person is incomplete without relationships.

Story of Piya Naam ka Diya:

The story of this drama revolves around a film singer. This film singer is very popular. He has wealth, honor, fame, everything. The writer has received very good fortune from Allah Ta’ala. He has many aspirations in life. All the dreams she had had she could not achieve yet. Unfortunately, the expectations he had set for himself could not be fulfilled.

This singer is very disappointed and considers herself a failed professional. She is living like a broken plant. Her life is a collection of failures. He is very happy and has all the luxuries of life. But he is very sad and depressed inside. He suffers from severe depression and there is no such thing as satisfaction in his life. He is a broken man inside.


The author of the story wants to convey that real happiness and contentment, peace of mind, are not possible only through the acquisition of wealth, honor, and fame. Rather, real peace is of the heart, which can only be achieved through inner contentment. Wealth and fame are temporary things that can make people happy temporarily, but it is not possible to achieve permanent satisfaction.

Piya Naam Ka Diya Urdu drama story is very excellent and interesting. If you are a tragic story lover then, you must read this best Urdu drama story and enjoy the masterpiece of Urdu literature.

About the Author of the book:

Bano Qudsia was a well-known Urdu novelist, dramatist, and fiction writer. She was born on November 28, 1928, in the Ferozepur district in the Punjab province of India. Her fiction, novels, and plays became very popular and these stories left an impact on people’s minds for a long time. She used to write plays and stories for Pakistan.

After the coming of television in Pakistan in 1964, he started writing plays and stories for TV. She used to write literature in both Urdu and Punjabi languages. Bano Qudsia received her early education in her hometown Ferozepur. After the establishment of Pakistan, she settled in Pakistan with her parents. She received her higher education from the educational institutions of Lahore.

Bano Qudsia graduated from Kinnaird College of Lahore. After that, he took admitted to an MA Urdu class at Government College Lahore. Here she was a classmate of her husband Ashfaq Ahmed. In 1954, he obtained his MA Urdu degree from Government College, Lahore. After completing his education, She started writing novels and fiction regularly.

The Urdu novel Raja Gidh and Hasil Ghat written by Bano Qudsia are considered to be important novels of Urdu literature. He has written more than fifty books which are very popular among readers. The Government of Pakistan awarded Bano Qudsia with Satara Imtiaz Ata in 1983 in recognition of her literary services.

She was also awarded the best writer award by Pakistan Television. In the year two thousand and ten, the Government of Pakistan awarded the Hilal e Imtiaz. She passed away in Lahore on 17 February 2017.

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