Pyar Junoon Thehra by Zanoor PDF

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Pyar Junoon Thehra by Zanoor PDF

Pyar Junoon Thehra by Zanoor Free PDF

The Writer: Zanoor 

Introduction to the Book:

Romantic Urdu Novels: 

Pyar Junoon Thehra by Zanoor PDF is a social and romantic Urdu novel. The writer of this Urdu novel is the famous female novelist Zanoor. In this novel, the writer tells about the types of problems that women face after marriage. It is a long story.

The novel is about five hundred pages long. It is a love story of a girl and a boy who get married. The reason for the differences is that the guy is very suspicious of his wife. Although she is a very simple and innocent girl who loves her husband very much.

Summary of the Novel:

 The story of this Urdu novel is about a loving couple. The main characters of this novel are a boy and a girl named Meryl and Almir. They love each other very much and have been friends for a long time. Meryl is a very innocent and beautiful girl. She likes Almir a lot and wants to marry him.

The elders of both families have engaged Almir and Meril. After the engagement, both of them get married with great fanfare. In the beginning, their mutual relationship was going well, but after some time many misunderstandings arose between them. Done.

The reason for the differences between them is that Almir’s attitude has become too strict and he starts quarreling with Meryl over the smallest things. Their mutual friends and relatives try their best to reconcile them but their efforts are not successful.

Pyar Junoon Thehra  Romantic Novel by Zanoor Writes Season 2:

Due to many misunderstandings between the two, reconciliation between them is no longer possible. Almeer is more responsible for the fight between the two because he is taking an excessively strict attitude. He refuses to listen to anyone and blames Meryl for everything.

Although she is a very quiet and innocent girl, she still hopes for reconciliation with Almir and tries to make him realize his mistakes. Unfortunately, Almeer’s attitude is very disgusting. He repeatedly insists on breaking up with Meryl.

Author’s Introduction:

Zanoor is a newcomer novelist and storyteller of Urdu literature. She is basically a social media novelist and shares her novels on her official social media pages. These novel stories are uploaded as episodes. Her novels have become very popular in recent times.

Many publishing houses have published her novels in book form. Her writing technique and storytelling skill have been liked by the public very much. The stories of her novels consist of social and romantic stories. She has thousands of followers on his official Social Media page.

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