Qaid E Ishq Romantic Novel by Yaman Eva

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Qaid E Ishq Romantic Novel by Yaman Eva

Book Name: Qaid e Ishq

The writer: Yaman Eva

Introduction to the Book:

Qaid e Ishq is a beautiful social and romantic Urdu novel. The author of this novel is a new Urdu novelist Yaman Eva. This is a long novel, the number of pages of which is more than 1000 pages. The main theme of this novel is the mutual romance of a couple.

In this novel, the story of two lovers  explained the need and importance of the relationship. A local monthly digest published this novel in the form of episodes. Now this novel is available in the market in the form of a book.

Summary of the Novel:

This romantic Urdu novel is about a girl Reema. Reema is the central character of the story of this novel. Reema is the daughter of a very rich family. Fortunately, she has all the necessities of life, and apparently, she is living a very happy and peaceful life.

But she thinks that even though he has wealth and facilities, he does not have real happiness. Rima is a very sensitive and sensitive girl. She cannot tolerate too many restrictions and strictures.

His family members put a lot of restrictions and strictures on him. She is very disturbed and suffers from severe depression due to these restrictions. She does not know how to get rid of this depression.

Qaid E Ishq Novel by Yaman Eva Pdf:

Then a day came in his life when he felt that now the difficulties of his life are going to end. She was feeling very relaxed. She meets a young boy who has a very attractive personality.

He becomes her friend of Reema and assures her she is his life partner. He is an educated, intelligent, and handsome young man who is working in a senior position in a company.

Reema is overjoyed to find the prince of her dreams and plans for the future in her heart. He asks young Reema to be engaged and Reema agrees to be engaged to him. Soon they both get engaged.

Author’s Introduction:

Yaman Eva is a newcomer novelist and storyteller of Urdu literature. She is basically a social media novelist and shares her novels on her official social media pages. These novel stories are uploaded as episodes. Her novels have become very popular in recent times.

Many publishing houses have published her novels in book form. The Public liked her writing technique and storytelling skills very much. The stories of her novels consist of social and romantic stories. She has thousands of followers on his official Social Media page.

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