Qaisar o Kisra Novel by Naseem Hijazi

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Qaisar o Kisra Novel by Naseem Hijazi

Qaisar o Kisra Novel by Naseem Hijazi 

 Writer Name: Naseem Hijazi

Qaisar o Kisra  ( قیصر و کسریٰ ) Novel by Naseem Hijazi is a historical novel in which historical events are described. The author of this novel Story is the famous historical novelist Naseem Hijazi. This novel is an important literary work of Naseem Hijazi.

This is his very important interesting and high-quality novel on historical fiction from a research point of view. The characteristic of this novel is that while reading it, the reader becomes so engrossed that he does not get bored at all. He feels as if he is witnessing all the historical war events.

Story/Summary of the Novel:

In the story of this novel, the war between the two world powers of that time has been made the subject of the story. In those days, Iran and Rome were considered to be the world’s major military powers. At the time when Islam found its rise in the land of Arabia, then there was the kingdom of Caesar in Rome and the kingdom of Kisra was in Iran.

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 Asim belonged to Aws, an Arab tribe of Madinah. It was the largest Arab tribe in the land of Arabia. Similarly, the Khazraj tribe was also one of the major Arab tribes. There was a war between these two tribes for a long time. Sometimes the warriors of the Aus tribe would win the war and sometimes the people of the Khazraj tribe would be victorious.

 This war was fought for many generations. Thousands of people died in this war. Many people were now fed up with this war. They wanted a ceasefire, but there was no remote possibility of a ceasefire. Many people had left the Arab region tired of this long war.

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Asim was also one of those people. Tired of years of bloodshed, Asim decided to leave his home and go to a remote area. Many of Asim’s relatives and friends were killed in this terrible war. He now hated this pointless war. He migrated from the Arab region to Jerusalem and planned to settle there permanently.

After settling in the city of Jerusalem, he joined the Roman Emperor Caesar’s army as a soldier. He participated in many wars and performed very well. After being in Caesar’s army for some time, Asim realized that Caesar Rome was also greedy to establish rule and gain power like the Arab tribes.

He has no interest in the welfare of the people. Caesar was using his people as fuel for war to prolong his rule. In these circumstances, he started looking for another city to find peace and tranquility. He wanted to settle down in a city where his family could live a peaceful and comfortable life.

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He left the army and settled in another city in Palestine. After some time, he received news that a messenger had arrived in Makkah to preach high moral teachings to the people. Also prohibits people from worshiping Allah and idolatry. He returned to the city of Makkah and accepted Islam.

This novel story contains war and historical events before the advent of Islam. In this story, the aimless wars between the tribes of the Arabs are described.

About the Author:

Naseem Hijazi is a prominent novelist of Urdu literature. He was born in 1914 in the city of Gurdaspur in the Punjab province of India. He got his primary education from various educational institutions in his city, Gurdaspur

After the establishment of Pakistan, his family migrated and settled in Lahore, Pakistan. He decided to write historical novels for urdu fiction. He has written many historical novels for Urdu literature. Among them are Muhammad bin Qasim, Yusuf bin Tashfeen, and or Talwar Toot gai.

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Among his other books, the following are more famous.

  • Khak or Khoon
  • Shaheen
  • Akhri Chataan
  • Yousaf Bin Tashfin
  • Muhammad Bin Qasim
  • Muazzam Ali
  • Dastan e Mujahid
  • Kaleesa or Aag

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