Qufal Novel by Bushra Rehman PDF

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Qufal Novel by Bushra Rehman PDF

Qufal Novel by Bushra Rehman Pdf 

Writer:  Bushra Rehman

Qufal is a classic socio-romantic novel of Urdu literature. The author of this novel is Bushra Rahman, a prominent female novelist of Urdu literature. This story is written about people who don’t care at all about the breakup of relationships.

These people are selfish and insensitive. Due to their selfishness and indifference, cracks appear in their relationships which lead to relationship breakdown.

Story of the Novel:

The story of this novel revolves around a girl Bisma and a boy Aman. Bisma and Aman had a very close friendship since their school and college days. This friendship was still intact and these two friends were often seen meeting in restaurants, markets, and libraries.

Now their friendship had turned into permanent love. Now Bisma and Aman had decided to get married and become life partners. Soon they both got married and were enjoying life very much.

After the marriage, initially, they had a pleasant relationship, but after a few months, differences started between them. There were frequent fights between the two husbands and wives in the house. Fed up with the day-to-day fighting, Aman decides to divorce Bisma.

Thus, after a few months of marriage, both the husband and wife got separated. Aman makes friends with another girl and married her. He had similar thoughts and thoughts with this girl, so they had a good understanding, and their days were going well.

Bisma also liked a boy and married him of her own accord. Bisma and Aman used to meet often during their travels in the city. The relationship between them had ended and there was no conversation.

But when Aman would see Bisma, he would get a strange feeling as if there were still feelings of friendship and love between them. What happened after that? After knowing this, read this novel completely. If you are fond of reading socio-romantic novels, then this beautiful novel is for you.

About the Author of the Book:

Bushra Rehman was born on August 29, 1944, in Bahawalpur, Pakistan under British rule. She was a famous Pakistani female Urdu novelist. He received his primary education in his hometown. He obtained BA and MA in Education degrees from Bahawalpur.

Apart from being a novelist, and writer, he was also a prominent politician. She was elected as a member of the Punjab Assembly in 1985 in a seat reserved for women. He fought a vigorous legal battle for women’s issues and rights. In 2002, she was elected as a woman member of the National Assembly.

In recognition of his educational and literary services, he was awarded the Star of Distinction by the Government of Pakistan.

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