Qurbat-e-Hijar Mein Mohabbat Novel By Nida Husnain PDF

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Qurbat-e-Hijar Mein Mohabbat Novel By Nida Husnain PDF

Qurbat-e-Hijar Mein Mohabbat

Writer: Nida Husnain


Qurbat-e-Hijar Mein Mohabbat Novel By Nida Husnain PDF. who is a very intelligent and famous female novelist. This is a socio-romantic online novel reading Urdu in which it is told how many sacrifices have to be made to follow the path of love. This Urdu Urdu novel online is being published in the form of episodes in Mahnama Hina Digest and its popularity is increasing among the fans. As many episodes as are available are being uploaded due to reader demand.

Summary and characters of the Novel:

The story of this romantic Urdu novels pdf revolves around a loving couple. The names of the characters in this novel are Shafauddin and Momi. Both of them are class fellows in college. They fall in love while studying. After completing their degree in college and completing their academic session, they get married. Their families treat them with hatred. The family members of both become their mortal enemies. 

After marriage, an endless series of sufferings and trials begin for them. It is becoming very difficult for them to survive due to financial problems. At the beginning of the marriage, the family members of both did not give any special reaction to the decision to marry.

But when their families get all the details, they forbid them to live.  But despite all this, he is sticking to his decision and is facing the situation bravely.

 To know about more episodes, study the upcoming episodes of the romantic Urdu novels pdf free download offline.

About the Author of the book :

Nida Husnain is Pakistan’s leading hot and bold Urdu novels pdf free download Writer. She is a story writer and she works for different monthly digests including shuaa and Pakeeza digests. Nida Husnain is also working part-time as a story writer.  She is writing regularly for different Urdu weekly magazines like Family Magazine, Akhbar e Jahan, etc.

She is a rising Urdu language novelist. Her best Urdu novels pdf downloads are gaining popularity among young students. The themes of Nida Husnain’s novels are romance and social issues. Her romantic Urdu novels pdf free download 2022 focus on Pakistan’s family system, women’s domestic life, and family traditions. Nida is a storytelling specialist.

Qurbat-e-Hijar Mein Mohabbat Novel By Nida Husnain PDF Download:

She tells the story in such a way that the reader is completely lost in this story. It is this uniqueness that sets him apart from other writers. Most of his Urdu novels pdf free download 2021 are published in episodic form in various magazines and digests. If you like to read her new Urdu novels 2021 pdf download, visit the website Search.

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