Sans Sakin Thi  Novel by Nimra Ahmad

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Sans Sakin Thi Novel by Nimra Ahmad

Sans Sakin Thi  Novel by Nimra Ahmad Pdf Download

 Writer:  Nimra Ahmad


Sans Saakin Thi by Nimra Ahmad is the best and most excellent novel in Urdu literature. The author of this novel is the famous female novelist Nimra Ahmed. The Pakistan Cricket Board and the political system of Pakistan are the subjects of this novel.

The novel continued to be published as an episode in Women’s Digest for a long time. Later, when its episodes were completed, it was published in book form. In this book, Hazrat Sulaiman (peace be upon him) and his system of government are also mentioned and this is a very commendable matter.

Summary/Story of the Novel:

The story of the book revolves around two characters. Their names are Ryan and Almas. The story of this novel is about how a man adopts the behavior of animals to take revenge. Almas is a girl from a middle-class family.

She is an ordinary house girl who was brought up in an ordinary family. Rania Khatun is a third important character in the story of this novel. Rania Khatun supported Almas a lot and accommodated him in her house.

He provided him with all the necessities of life. Rania Khatun’s positive role is very impressive. Although such roles do not exist in our society. However, you can find similar characters in our society who sympathize with the poor.

Almas grows up in this house. After becoming young, she falls in love with Rania Khatun’s handsome son. She is always making plans to trap him in the trap of love. Love has made him a psychopath. She is always thinking about marrying this young boy. She tries all kinds of ways to make him a friend.


Saans Sakin thi , is a social and romantic Novel of Nimra Ahmad.There is a romantic story of a young girl and a handsome boy throughout the Novel. The fear factor in the story is quite high. If you are used to reading this type of best Urdu novel then this book is for you.

About the Author:

Nimra Ahmad was born on 9 September 1990 in the Bhakkar District of Punjab. He received his early education in the city of Bhakkar and after that, he came to Lahore for higher education. He received a master’s degree in English Literature from Government College University Lahore. Nimra Ahmad is Pakistan’s leading urdu novel Writer.

She is a well-known female Urdu novelist from Pakistan. Readers of Urdu Digests love his Urdu novels. Nimra has gained immense fame. Inspired by the famous Sufi intellectual and novelist Ashfaq Ahmad, he started writing a novel. She considers Ashfaq Ahmed as her spiritual leader. Nimra Ahmed started writing at the age of nine. He wrote his first story about King Queen and Princess.

At the age of sixteen, he started his professional career. He created many wonderful novels that gained immense fame. My dreams were my jagno, the first of Nimra. His other famous novels include Haalim and Namal.

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