Sanso Ke Is Safar Me Novel by Umme Iman Qazi

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Sanso Ke Is Safar Me Novel

Sanso Ke Is Safar Me 

Writer: Umme Iman Qazi


Sanso Ke Is Safar Me by Umme Iman Qazi is a famous novel. It is a social and romantic novel. The story of this urdu novel pdf free download is being published in the form of an episode in Shuaa Digest.

As soon as the first episode was published, the readers liked it very much. It is one of the most popular novels in the language. This romantic urdu novel pdf free download offline of Umm Iman is very popular in literary circles Appreciated. Literary critics say it is a wonderful novel. Episodes of this Urdu online novel reading urdu are still being published regularly every month. Its episodes because of the readers’ liking Have been extended.

Summary of the Novel:

In the story of this romantic urdu novels pdf free download, you will find different types of characters. There will be loving characters and there will be hateful characters. The main character Shajar is a girl. Shajar is a liberal and modern girl. She is graduating from a local college.

The other main character in the story Abdul Hanan is a boy who has just taken admitted to graduate from Shajar College. After entering college, he got a chance to meet Shajar and learn about it. But after admission to this college, many boys have turned against him. They are harassing him with tricks so that he can leave college. Abdul Hanan is facing immense difficulties and problems to study here.

Sanson Ke Is Safar Mein by Umme Iman Qazi Novel Characters:

Abdul Hanan is fighting against all these issues. He has vowed to find his love. People are trying to harass him to weaken his resolve. But he is not a man to admit defeat or discourage.

He is a brave boy and is facing all difficulties and situations like a brave man. The story of this romantic urdu novel pdf free download explains how to deal with a person who has feelings of love and thoughts. Society behaves badly.

This society treats loving couples like bloodthirsty animals. After reading this urdu novel for free download, you will find yourself lost in a world where there are people who love and people who hate. This urdu novel online may be your best choice if you like to read suspense-filled and romantic and social stories.

About the Author of the book :

Umme Iman Qazi is Pakistan’s leading urdu romantic novels pdf Writer. She is a well-known female Urdu novelist from Pakistan. Readers of Urdu Digests love his Urdu urdu novels pdf download. Umm Iman Qazi works as a writer for a monthly digest and an Urdu weekly magazine.

Readers love his writings. His stories are published in magazines in installments. Fans of his stories are eagerly awaiting the next installment of his stories. Umm Iman Qazi in a very short time Urdu has made its place in the ranks of novelists. She specializes in the art of storytelling. That is why the number of his fans is increasing day by day. Readers of the urdu romantic novels pdf look forward to its next episode because of its storytelling skills.

Sanso Ke Is Safar Me Novel by Umme Iman Qazi Download:

The main theme of Umm Iman Qazi’s romantic urdu novels pdf free download offline is women’s issues and their miserable social life. In her stories, she raises her voice against the violation of women’s rights and the injustices of society against them. She believes that our society discriminates against women.  There is a need for women to be social and Legal protection should be provided.

Our society is a society of men,” she says. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. Our society is very much about women Demonstrating indifference and ridiculing them for speaking out for their rights.

Sanso Ke Is Safar Me by Umme Iman Qazi Online Reading:

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