Seerat Ibn Ishaq Urdu in urdu pdf free download

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Seerat Ibn e Ishaq Urdu by Ibn e Ishaq

Seerat  Ibn e Ishaq Urdu pdf 

Writer:  Ibn e Ishaq

Seerat Ibn Ishaq is the first book on the Holy Prophet’s life. The author of this book is Ibn Ishaq and its original name is Seerat Rasoolullah. This book was published in the 8th century AD, On the subject of historiography and the history of Islam, This book is highly authentic.

Estimate the importance of this book from here senior scholars like Ibn Jarir Tabari and Ibn Khaldun have quoted passages from Ibn Ishaq’s book.  This book was written thirteen hundred years ago. Scholars say that Ibn Ishaq is the founder of the science of biography.   He is called the father of the art of biography.

Ibn Ishaq initially collected traditions to write a book on the blessed life of the Holy Prophet. Traditions passed to his disciples. Several parts of Ibn Ishaq’s book were available to his various students, which were researched by scholars to write more books.

Life of Profit Muhammad by Ibn Ishaq:

In this regard, one of his students, Ibn Baqa’i, also compiled a book with the help of the same material. By further researching the contents of this book, Ibn Hisham wrote the famous Arabic language book, Sirat Ibn Hisham. The passages narrated by Ibn Hisham from Ibn Ishaq are the same.

But the passages quoted by Ibn Jarir al-Tabari from the book of Sirat Ibn Ishaq are quite different. Orientalists say that during the time of Ibn Ishaq, the art of biography was still in its early stages, so the trend of memorizing literature rather than writing it down was quite high. The scholars of the later era compiled the books after listening to the elders. Seerat Ibn Hisham is a summary of Seerat Ibn Ishaq.

About the Author:

Ibn e Ishaq, the author of Seerat ibn e Ishaq, was born in Madinah. His family belonged to a Jewish family of Ishaq was greatly influenced by Imam Zuhri. Seeing them, he developed a passion for writing history and collected oral traditions related to the life of the Holy Prophet.

In the future, his disciples gave these traditions a written form and gave them a book form. Ibn Hisham listened to the oral traditions of Ibn Ishaq, wrote them down and improved his text, and composed it in the form of a book.

He acquired knowledge from various Muslim Scholars in Madinah. After getting an education, he started collecting oral traditions related to the life biography of the holy prophet.

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