Shuaa Digest for the Month of May 2023

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Shuaa Digest May 2023

Shuaa Digest May 2023

Introduction of the Digest:

Women’s Digest is the leading and most popular Urdu magazine for women. This digest is published regularly from Karachi every month and millions of copies are sold every month. This magazine is very popular among women and its popularity is increasing day by day.

Shuaa Digest Pdf:

Popular Series of the Magazine:

  1. Complete and Serial Urdu Novels
  2. Urdu Short Stories,
  • Urdu Poems
  1. Urdu Ghazals
  2. Published regularly every month. The magazine is founded by Mehmood Riaz, and editor, Razia Jameel.
  3. Regular series of magazines:
  • Editorial, Editorial covers important country issues and suggests recommendations for solving these issues.
  • Hamad Bari Ta’ala, Naat Sharif, selected words of authentic poets are published every month in this important section of the magazine.
  1. Among the other important series is the important series of the Prophet’s words (Seerat-un-Nabi). In this regard, important information about the holy life of the Holy Prophet is provided.
  2. The fringes of history. In this regard, important historical events are described from the authentic books on the History of Islam and the History of Pakistan and India.
  3. Be Beautiful: In this series, important beauty tips for women are provided which women can use to enhance their face.
  • Seasonal Dishes: In this series, essential dishes of every season are provided for women.
  • Apart from this, also published letters from readers in the magazine.

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