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Tabaqat ibn saad by Muhammad ibn saad pdf

Tabaqat  ibn e Saad Urdu Pdf  

Name of Writer:  Muhammad Ibn e Saad


Tabaqat Ibn e Saad is a highly authentic book on the subject of Urdu, Sirat-ul-Nabi, and the legacy of the Companions. The author of this book is a biographer. This book is best for the biography of the Holy Prophet. The original book is in Arabic and its translations are available in all major languages ​​of the world.

Western Orientalists say that it is a great achievement of Muslim historians that they have invented a wonderful knowledge of the names of men. Due to this knowledge, apart from the Prophet, his Companions, followers, and other notables, the living conditions of Islam have been preserved in book form.

Tabaqat ibn e saad volume 8 pdf:

Ibn Sa’d’s Tabaqat is the oldest book in the Arabic language. The writer of the book has introduced the genealogy of the Prophet, and his family in the first chapter. His childhood, youth events, war exploits, and efforts for Da’wa Islam are fully covered in this book. The names of the Companions and their sacrifices for the religion of Islam were reviewed.

Meccan Life and the Madani Life of the Holy Prophet and the characteristics of the state of Madinah are discussed here. The book pays great tribute to the famous Companions of Islamic history, and to the women of Islam. Nafees Academy has translated this book into Urdu and published it. Scholars and students well-liked it. Common people who are fond of historical reading books also read them with interest.


Tabaqat Ibn e Saad Urdu is a famous and authentic book of  Muhammad Ibn e Saad of History in Urdu Islamic literature. Tarikh e Hindustan is not only a book of Islamic history but a detailed history of the world.

About the Author:

Muhammad Ibn e Saad was a renowned biographer, historian, and Arab Muslim scholar. He was born on February 16, 1541, in Basra, Iraq. He received his early education from different teachers according to Arab customs. Tabaqat Ibn Saad is considered an excellent research book on the subject of Sirat al-Nabi.

Tabaqat ibn saad Urdu pdf:

This book is very popular in Arab countries. There is no mention of Ibn Saad’s other books. Most historians and biographers have mentioned only one book of Ibn Sa’d. This book is the most authoritative research work. The best pdf document of the Urdu Islamic book, Tabaqat ibn e Saad by Muhammad Ibn e Saad is available on our site Urdu Virtual Library for our visitors to study.

For information on how to download the book in PDF format and to read it offline on your computer or smartphone, visit the download link. I hope you will like this book very much. If you want to read online it then this book is available for your online study. Please follow the below link so you can read the book online.

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