Tafseer Zia Ul Quran Urdu Pdf

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Pir Karam Shah is the author of Tafseer Zia Ul Quran. It is a famous book in Quranic interpretation that is easy to learn and understand

Book Name: Tafsir e Zia ul Quran  by Pir Karam Shah  urdu Islamic  pdf books free download

 Writer: Pir Karam Shah


This urdu books pdf free download Islamic Tafsir e  Zia-ul-Quran is the best interpretation of the Qur’an written in Urdu language and it has been written by Allama Pir Karam Shah. The author of this Islamic book in urdu pdf free download Sunni is a renowned scholar, jurist, journalist, religious scholar, and biographer.

Pir Karam Shah started writing this book in 1970 and completed it in nineteen years later. This commentary of the Qur’an consists of five volumes and has a total of three thousand five hundred pages.

Tafseer Zia Ul Quran Urdu By Pir Karam Shah Pdf

Due to its unique qualities, this Islamic book in urdu pdf free download ahle Sunnat is the best, common understanding of language, considered a standard book. This new Islamic urdu books pdf free download

 has also been included in the curriculum of Islamic Studies of Punjab University and many other universities. This kitabosunnat urdu books pdf free download is a beautiful addition to Urdu literature.

Tafseer Zia Ul Quran Urdu By Pir Karam Shah Pdf

The language of this book is very simple and it is written in smooth and easy Urdu. Even an ordinary educated person can easily understand the meanings and concepts of the Qur’an with its help.

In writing this Islamic book in urdu free download pdf, the author has made full use of the books of great scholars. References are made especially to the books of famous commentaries, Tafsir Beizawi, Tafsir Mazhari, and Tafsir Qurtubi.

Tafseer Zia Ul Quran Urdu By Pir Karam Shah Pdf

In this Islamic urdu books pdf free download of Qur’anic commentary, the author has also recorded the poems of Allama Iqbal and Maulana Rumi. However, the style of this best Islamic book in urdu pdf is so simple that even the average reader can read it

This Islamic books pdf urdu discusses the following topics.

  • ۔Man and his greatness
  • Women’s rights in Islam ۔
  • Economics
  • ۔Political science
  • Islamic ethics and manners
  • Tafseer Zia Ul Quran Urdu By Pir Karam Shah Pdf

The author writes a detailed introduction at the beginning of each surah، and informs about the purpose and reasons for the revelation of the Surah.

Liberal and neutral scholars say that this is a book of Qur’anic commentary that can be read by Muslims of all faiths. This Islamic book in urdu pdf free download Deoband does not oppose any sect. Rather, only the meaning of the Book of Allah and its message has been conveyed to the Muslim Ummah.

About the Author:

Pir Karam Shah was born on July 1, 1918, in the city of Sargodha in the Punjab province of Pakistan. He received his early education from a madrassa in his area of Bhairah. In 1936, he passed the matriculation examination from the high school in his town.

Tafseer Zia Ul Quran Urdu By Pir Karam Shah Pdf

He holds MA and M.Phil degrees from Al-Azhar University. On his return in 1980, he was appointed a judge of the Federal Shariat Court of Pakistan. He served as a judge for about sixteen years. Along with his job in the judiciary, he also wrote several new Islamic urdu books pdf free download. Tafsir  Zia-ul-Quran, Zia Anbi.

As well as being a Sufi, he was also a journalist, writer, theologian, and educator. He started a monthly called Zia-e-Haram for the spiritual and national training of the people which became very popular. He established a magnificent university called Jamia Muhammadiyah Ghausia where modern sciences are taught along with Islamic sciences.

Tafseer Zia Ul Quran Urdu By Pir Karam Shah Pdf

The establishment of this university is considered to be his great achievement. The establishment of this institute encouraged the religious-minded people in Pakistan to acquire modern knowledge.

 This pleasant change has removed the gap between the religious people and the modern class. There was a gulf, but it has helped to bridge it.

Muhammadiyah Ghousia University has emerged as a great scholarly movement that has had a very positive impact on ordinary people in Pakistani society. The graduates of this university are employed in all the important government institutions of Pakistan.

Tafseer Zia Ul Quran Urdu By Pir Karam Shah Pdf

 Zia-ul-Quran Publications is another valuable scholarly work of Pir Karam Shah. This great publishing house is playing a very important role in publishing the best urdu Islamic books pdf free download on Quranic sciences and other Islamic sciences.

In 1981, the Government of Pakistan awarded him Sitara-e-Imtiaz in recognition of his services. He was also given an award by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. The Chancellor of Al-Azhar University also awarded him the Al-Daira Al-Fakhri Award for his scholarly services. This great scholar passed away on April 7 in his hometown of Bhairah.

Books of the Author:

  • Zia un Nabi Seerat un Nabi
  • Tafsir e Zia ul Quran
  • Sunnat e Khair ul Anaam
  • Jamal ul Quran

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You can also read this pdf urdu book online. If you want to read the following books,  Tafsir   Ibn e Kaseer, Tafsir e Durr e Mansoor,  Sahih Bukhari by Imam Bukhari, you can read them here. Also, you can download them in PDF format.

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