Tareekh e ibn e Khaldun urdu history book

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Tareekh e ibn e Khaldun in urdu pdf

Tareekh e ibn e Khaldun urdu history book

Writer:  Ibn e Khaldun

Tarikh Ibn e Khaldun is a famous book of history. The author of the books is a famous historian, sociologist, and philosopher Abdul Rahman Ibn e Khaldun. This book is in Arabic language and has a total of thirteen volumes. Translation in all major languages of the world is available in the market of the Tarikh e Ibn e Khaldun. Hakeem Ahmad Hussain Allah Abadi has translated this Arabic book into Urdu. This book is very important among world history books. It is one of the most famous books in the history of the world.  Ibn e Khaldun’s book is considered to be the main source of almost all books written in modern history.

Muqadma ibn e Khaldun in Urdu:

The first volume of the book is known as the Maqadmah of History and it is considered the most fundamental book of philosophy of history. Allama Ibn Khaldun is considered the founder of the philosophy of history due to the Maqadmah of History. Scholars say that, due to Ibn Khaldun’s research, the knowledge of sociology came into being and Ibn Khaldun is considered the world’s first sociologist.

Tareekh e ibn e Khaldun urdu history book

Ibn Khaldun has provided insights into the sociology and philosophy of history that no other sociologist or historian has provided. For this reason, Ibn Khaldun has been recognized as the founder of these two sciences. Muqadma Ibn Khaldun’s book is included in the history curriculum of many universities around the world; these universities include International Islamic University Islamabad and Al-Azhar University in Egypt.

Tareekh Ibn Khaldun English pdf:

Arab-Islamic countries have produced many eminent Muslim historians, including Ibn Kathir, Ibn Sa’d, Ibn Jarir al-Tabari, Ibn Athir, and Ya’qubi. But the fame that Ibn Khaldun and his book have achieved has not been achieved by any other historian. Non-Muslim scholars from European countries are also recognized for their contributions to history and sociology. Many scholars of the Islamic world are still praising him for his academic Side panelsility, scholarly services, and artistic excellence.

Tareekh e ibn e Khaldun urdu history book

Nafees Academy Karachi has accomplished the feat of translating and publishing the book Tarikh Ibn e Khaldun into Urdu. Of course, this is a great service to Urdu literature. It is a great convenience for people who are interested in knowledge of history. Now, these people will be able to read world history in their national language. With the publication of this book, another important book of history has been added to Urdu literature. Adaptation of this book in Urdu format will be of great help to the research scholars doing research in history in the Urdu language.


Tarikh Ibn e Khaldun is a famous and authentic book of Ibn e Khaldun of History in Arabic Islamic literature. Tarikh e ibn e Khaldun is not only a book of Islamic history but it is a detailed history of the world.

About the Author:

 Ibn e Khaldun was born in Tunis on 27 May 1332. He got his early education from the local madrassah of his village. He had memorized the Holy Qur’an in his childhood. To acquire other Islamic studies, he moved to the Madrasah of the city.

There he studied Qur’anic commentary, hadith, and Islamic jurisprudence.

In modern sciences, he also studied mathematics, Sociology, and philosophy. His parents died of the plague during his childhood. After completing his education, he migrated to Egypt. Seeing his academic ability, the Sultan of Egypt appointed him as a professor at Madrasa Kamiya. Here he did teaching services for a long time. The King later appointed him the Chief Justice of Egypt.

Tareekh e ibn e Khaldun urdu history book

Along with his job, he also continued to write books. First, he started writing a book on world history which is known today as Tarikh Ibn Khaldun. Apart from being a teacher and writer, he was also interested in political activities. Apart from this, he also participated in wars against the Mongols. Unfortunately, this great historian and sociologist were arrested and sent to jail on the grounds of political opposition. He is considered to be an eminent scholar, historian, philosopher, and sociologist of the Arab Muslim world.

Tareekh e ibn e Khaldun urdu history book

He is recognized as the world’s greatest scientist, historian, and sociologist from the Middle East. Ibn Khaldun has done a lot of research in the field of history, sociology, and philosophy. Due to this, his research work is being studied in different universities all over the world. A book written on the subject of the philosophy of history is read all over the world. Arab scholars and European Orientalists recognize Ibn Khaldun as the founder and father of sociology and history.

Ibn e Khaldun passed away on 17 March 1406 in Egypt.

Ibn e Khaldun books in Urdu:

  • Kitab ul Ibar
  • Shifa ul Sail
  • Laab ul Mahaasil
  • Maqadmah Tareekh
  • Tareekh Ibn e Khaldun pdf

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